Review: Motorola Atrix
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Review: Motorola Atrix

Review: Motorola Atrix

The Andriod phone enjoys a secret double life.

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The Motorola Atrix runs on Android 2.2 and boasts a high-resolution screen, fast dual core processor and decent battery life. But its real party trick is that it can transform into a netbook.

When docked into the laptop dock or the multimedia dock (which needs a separate monitor, keyboard and mouse), the phone becomes a Chrome OS netbook – a computer in which you’re sandboxed into a browser; in this case Firefox.

Having Firefox lets you do actual cloud-based tasks you can’t do as well or at all on a phone. But the real innovation is that your Android phone UI is mirrored in a window. You can use your trackpad or mouse to click around your phone’s UI, use your keyboard to type and interact with it the same way you would normally. While docked, you can still take phone calls using Bluetooth headset and send texts like normal. Plus it keeps your phone charged.

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