Revealed: Top 2018 Google searches in Saudi and the UAE
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Revealed: Top 2018 Google searches in Saudi and the UAE

Revealed: Top 2018 Google searches in Saudi and the UAE

A look into the top Google searches made in 2018

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US search giant Google has once again released an report showing the top search trends in the UAE and Saudi Arabia over the last 11 months.

There is a clear interest for football in particular this year as Saudi Arabia participated in the 2018 World Cup held in Russia.

In the spirit of sportsmanship, the Indian Premier League for cricket was the second most searched thing in the UAE this year.

Other notable searches included Jamal Khasoggi, the Saudi journalist murdered at the kingdom’s Istanbul consulate and Indian superstar Priyanka Chopra, who recently married US pop star Nick Jonas.

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In the UAE, Sridevi Kapoor – the Bollywood star who tragically died in a Dubai hotel room in February – was the third most popular search.

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Other searches appeared more financially focussed, with people in the UAE looking up the bitcoin price and Indian currency rate and in Saudi the expiry of residency permits (Iqama).

“The lists had a few things in common, especially between Egypt and Saudi Arabia where the more traditional songs dominated the top songs list. Football was also a common theme between Saudi Arabia and Egypt, who both competed in this year’s World Cup,” Google said.

Top Google searches in Saudi Arabia 2018

1. The national address
2. Jadara
3. Hulool
4. Jamal Kashoggi
5. Noon
6. Noor system
7. Iqama expiry
8. Weather in Jeddah
9. Rayat
10. Kalam Asfar TV series

Top Google searches in UAE 2018

1. World Cup
2. Indian Premier League 2018
3. Sridevi Kapoor
4. Priyanka Chopra
5. Passport Index
6. Fortnite
7. Bitcoin Price
8. Federal Tax Authority (FTA)
9. Indian currency rate
10. Dubai Frame


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