Revealed: 10 tips to get hired right now
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Revealed: 10 tips to get hired right now

Revealed: 10 tips to get hired right now

It is critical to adapt your CV and skills to keep up-to-date when hunting for a job in the current market

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Pegah Gol

1. Plan your job-hunting process

• Create a list of companies and industries that you would like to target
• Discover who the hiring managers and internal recruiter’s team members are
• Consider the crossover in skills and industry. For example, if you are an expert in marketing in the banking sector, make sure to approach banks and other industries that require your marketing skills
• Ensure that you are prepared

2. Create a CV and cover letter that stand out

It is highly likely that your CV requires editing to meet the requirements of the current job opportunities.

• Your CV must be easy to read and should include your work experience, qualifications, credentials, relevant or technical keywords, and, most importantly, your achievements
• Ensure that your CV is automatic tracking systems (ATS) friendly
• Avoid asking third parties to create your CV; no one knows your experiences and achievements better than you
• Instead of submitting a cover letter as a separate attachment, include a summary of your profile in the email itself to draw the attention of the hiring manager. If your summary is reasonable and professional, it will convince the hiring manager to open your attached CV

3. Explore avenues for promoting your CV

Utilise all the avenues available to promote your CV and increase your likelihood of being hired. Register your CV with CV banks, job board portals and recruitment agencies, and polish your profile on LinkedIn and remain active on the website

4. Network online and offline

Networking is by far the most effective method to increase your prospects in the job search process. Almost 60 per cent of vacancies are filled internally via referrals before they are advertised.

• Online networking: LinkedIn, social media platforms and all online networking platforms
• Offline networking: Attend relevant events, conferences and summits
• Perfect your elevator pitch to attract the attention of potential hiring managers

5. Invest in yourself

The best way to gain an advantage over other job seekers is to invest in your job-hunting skills. Nowadays, especially post 2020, the recruitment process has changed and you should apply new techniques in your job search process.

• Read job-hunting books
• Enroll in relevant courses
• Obtain advice from career coaches
• Invest in coaching sessions until you feel confident in your job-hunting process

6. Personal branding: Don’t search for a job, let the employers find you

Personal branding allows you to distinguish yourself from others who have similar interests, skills or qualities. A personal brand allows you to inform potential employers about what makes you unique.

• Actively promote personal projects or work achievements on social media
• Build thought leadership online by publishing articles and blog posts
• Make sure your connections are aware of your unique expertise on a professional and personal level

7. Master your interview skills

• Prepare for online and face-to-face interviews
• Conduct research on the organisation and interviewer(s)
• Obtain a good understanding of the job description and industry
• Prepare for the most common interview questions
• Be ready for questions regarding your achievements
• Create a list of potential questions to ask in case the information you require is not covered during the interview

8. Upgrade your relevant skills or learn a new skill

Technology is evolving rapidly and the best way to maintain an advantage in the job search process is to upgrade your skills or learn a new skill. Make sure to check for micro-credentials, short courses and postgraduate programmes relevant to your job and the industry.

9. Manage your salary expectations

The job market changed after 2020 so you must adapt to the new market. If you receive an offer for a job that you are passionate about, accept it. Once you demonstrate your expertise and add value to the company, you can negotiate a salary increase.

10. Be patient

The job search process is lengthy, especially in the current scenario, and most companies employ an extensive process to choose the right candidate. Manage your expectations and make sure to apply to as many relevant job opportunities as possible.

Pegah Gol is the author of The Formula: The Ultimate Guide to Modern Job Finding and a certified career coach

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