Powered by people: An OPPO perspective
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Powered by people: An OPPO perspective

Powered by people: An OPPO perspective

Having a strong and capable team that is highly motivated is a critical factor for success in the current situation


In an ever-changing world, where the future depends on the view through a microscope, business strategies are being built for change. In such a volatile scenario, a strong and capable team that is highly motivated is one of the most critical factors for success. 

In a global technology company, where change is the most constant, people’s power is critical; hence my belief in the motto: “My best most valuable asset is the people I work with.” Despite all the changes that the past year has brought, 2020 has reiterated this belief more than ever. 

From my perspective as the senior PR and Communication manager at OPPO GCC, I believe that we have been able to win on the strength of our so-called ‘OPPO army’, which consists not only of our own people – from all departments and at all levels, but also includes the agencies we work with, businesses who support us, and government entities who enable and empower us. 

OPPO is a very young brand, driven by young people and for young people. It is driven by ambition while at the same time living by a strong philosophy of ‘Benfen’ – the Chinese term that refers to one’s part or duty. It is focused on accountability. We believe it is our duty to share technology to make customers’ lives easier. This profound quest inspires us to constantly do more and do better. 

On a more personal note, the company’s passion for the region is what resonates most with me. Following a ‘glocalisation’ strategy, OPPO has adapted this to the GCC by localising strategies, operations and products to suit local audiences.

Based on a keen understanding of the local market, we have succeeded in connecting with our audience in the GCC and communicating this local essence of the brand. As an Arab, it has been an honour to tell OPPO’s story from a local perspective. Since I joined the OPPO team early last year, we have implemented several initiatives and campaigns to bring the brand closer to the regional audience, Bil Arabi being the most recent one.

OPPO entered into a long-term partnership with the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) to engage with UAE consumers. Leveraging MBRF’s Bil Arabi initiative, OPPO joined the Arabic International Language Day celebrations last year and activated an integrated communications programme and digital activations to engage, ‘edutain’ and reward local communities. Worth a special mention was the creative video content that saw OPPO employees from diverse cultures and nationalities come together to celebrate the local culture and express their love for the Arabic language​.

The glocalisation strategy has seen resounding success in the region. Within a short span of five years in the region, OPPO has risen to the top five smartphone companies by shipments. From a communications perspective, our share of voice has risen from fifth place to third place within the Android smartphones category. 
A part of what contributed to this rise is OPPO’s impactful milestone campaign of the Reno4 series launch in the region. A great amount of effort was put in by the entire team to make the OPPO Reno4 series win the heart of the region’s consumers.

From crafting messages tailored to our diverse audience to tap into the passion of consumers through multiple touchpoints such as gaming and photography, the four-month launch campaign was integrated, original, diversified, hybrid and overall meaningful, and hit over half a billion reach across print, online, social and broadcast media.

And what better inspiration than success to forge the path ahead? As we begin 2021, we are poised for bigger and better things this year. We will continue to adopt a local approach tailored to every GCC market we operate in, and to reach out to the digitally creative, style-conscious and entrepreneurial young creators in the region through relevant and inspiring initiatives.

OPPO’s strategy is built on making technological innovations accessible to local audiences in line with our theme, ‘Technology for Mankind, Kindness to the World’. To me, technology is more than just a device; it’s a way of life. We will continue to find opportunities to deliver unforgettable experiences that inspire people to fully express themselves through the art of technology.

Lucy Aziz is the senior PR and Communication manager at OPPO GCC

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