OPPO’s game-changing camera technology is coming soon to the Middle East

Dubbed the 10x Hybrid Zoom, it consists of a telephoto lens, a 120-degree ultra-wide angle lens and a 48mp main camera

According to a study by the Japanese-based CPIA group, between 2010 and 2017, worldwide digital camera shipments dipped 80 per cent.

The major reason attributed to that was the rise of the smartphones and their camera technology that made handheld digital cameras for casual photography a redundant idea.

But not all smartphones are made equal when it comes to their cameras. Over the last decade, OPPO released the world’s first 13-megapixel camera smartphone, the world’s first smartphone with a rotating camera and also the world’s first stealth 3D cameras in the OPPO Find X model.

Demonstrating that it is still ahead of the curve even today, OPPO – which already has 250 million customers worldwide – introduced its latest 10x optical zoom technology last month.

Known as the 10x Hybrid Zoom, the triple lens camera on the OPPO consists of a telephoto lens, a 120-degree ultra-wide angle lens and a 48mp main camera.

The specific advantage of a 10x zoom is that it allows its users to observe details that even a naked eye can typically miss.

Apart from the bleeding-edge hardware, OPPO has also introduced software that ensures high-quality imagery. Its optical image Stabilisation (OIS) helps achieve better anti-shake accuracy so that the images are crisper.

OPPO has even developed a nifty AI Beauty 2.0 software that is built to enhance the quality of selfies with more accurate facial recognition technology, a self-learning capability and a number of features to brush up the aesthetic of the images.

The specific smartphones on which the 10x zoom technology will debut are not yet confirmed, though a statement issued by OPPO says that it will make its way onto its next major smartphone launch in the Middle East soon.

With the 10x technology, OPPO has not only what’s remaining of the casual amateur photography market in its sights, but the professional one too.