OPPO Find N3: Hands-on review
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OPPO Find N3: Hands-on review

OPPO Find N3: Hands-on review

The flagship device pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in a foldable phone

Marisha Singh

Foldable phones are fast becoming all the rage in the world of technology. The OPPO Find N3 takes this concept and delivers a market-leading product. The latest flagship offering from the Chinese smartphone maker transforms the foldable phone landscape by addressing key pain points while ushering in a new era.

The OPPO Find N3’s fold is not just foldable; it’s creaseless — thereby eliminating a longstanding concern among users. The front-screen, maintaining a comfortable candy-bar size, adds to the phone’s visual and ergonomic appeal, while the triple rear cameras redefine what’s possible in foldable mobile photography.

Additionally, its size belies its lighter weight of just 239gm. This is all despite the additional real estate in pixels. The textured leather back is also luxurious, and aids in gripping the device. Available in Sunlit Gold and Classic Black, the Find N3 definitely makes a statement. Taking all of this into consideration, the latest offering from OPPO leaves competitors in the rearview mirror.

Internal screen

Unfolding the device reveals a stunning 7.8” AMOLED display with LTPO, supporting HDR10+/Dolby Vision for a visually immersive experience. The display’s impressive size coupled with a 20:9 aspect ratio and brightness of 1,400 nits, ensures a memorable viewing experience in various lighting conditions.

Running on the cutting-edge ColorOS 13.2 version — which is built on the foundation of Android 13 — the OPPO Find N3 features a matte anti-glare finish. The colours are vivid, offering great detail with a resolution set at 2,240 x 2,268, and a pixel density of 426 ppi. It supports 1,440Hz PWM dimming for less eye fatigue, and a 120Hz refresh rate.

All of these features, combined with the impressive peak brightness, ensure optimal visibility even under direct sunlight. The device’s powerful screen further enhances the overall user interface, providing a fluid, responsive, and smooth experience.

The OPPO Find N3 is further supported by a hinge mechanism, which is not just about functionality but also about the experience. Opening to the main display at just a 5.8mm thickness, the hinge operates smoothly and almost fluidly, adding to the phone’s premium feel. Typing on the OPPO Find N3 is a delight, thanks to its excellent haptics that provide tactile feedback, making each keystroke satisfying.


Lens Placement: The OPPO Find N3’s back camera placement is nestled within the sleek black leather, and evokes the sophistication of a professional DSLR lens. The contrast of the lens and the fabric feel contribute to its overall satisfying aesthetic.

Positioned in the right-hand side corner, the front camera notch seamlessly blends into the display, offering a full-screen look that enhances the phone’s modern and immersive design.

Lens Performance: The OPPO Find N3 camera is the result of collaboration with the renowned Swedish camera manufacturer, Hasselblad. This partnership has resulted in a camera setup that goes beyond expectations. Boasting a 48MP ultrawide camera, a powerful 64MP telephoto lens, and a 48MP main (wide) camera, the Find N3 ensures versatility and top-notch imaging capabilities.

Capturing photos with rich details and depth, the Find N3 elevates mobile photography for foldable phones. The autofocus, which can be used for vloggers, is responsive and delivers results. OPPO has successfully translated its collaboration with Hasselblad into a tangible improvement in overall camera performance.

Beyond the main cameras, the OPPO Find N3 features two additional camera – a 20MP main screen camera and a 32MP cover screen camera. Both serve as reliable selfie cameras, capturing clear and vibrant self-portraits.

OPPO continues its collaboration with Hasselblad in its latest flagship
OPPO continues its collaboration with Hasselblad in its latest flagship

OPPO Find N3 performance

Featuring the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, this foldable device guarantees an exceptional and powerful user experience. Complemented by cutting-edge LPDDR5x memory and UFS 4.0 storage technologies, the device ensures a seamless and unforgettable mobile encounter.

Whether you’re diving into intense gaming sessions or juggling multiple resource-intensive tasks, this powerful combination equips you to effortlessly navigate a diverse range of activities. Additionally, the large 4805mAh battery keeps the device juiced up for over a day and half. The phone comes with OPPO’s 67W SUPERVOOC(TM) flash charging, ensuring the device is ready to go within minutes.

OPPO’s commitment to innovation shines through in the utilisation of the expanded screen real estate. Notably, the device introduces unique features not commonly found in other foldables on the market. A taskbar at the bottom of the internal screen and an innovative “App Library” contribute to a more dynamic user experience.

Taking it a step further, OPPO introduces a convenient “File Pocket” shortcut, offering a visual grid of recent files, images, and clipboard items for easy drag-and-drop functionality within active apps. The inclusion of the “Boundless View” feature revolutionises split-screen multitasking, seamlessly accommodating two or three apps in a scrolling view.

This approach maximises screen space while allowing swift navigation between applications. Additionally, the three-finger selection tool does away with the need for a stylus, making selecting and sharing a seamless experience. These are just some of the ways that showcase OPPO’s technology which enhances the user experience and sets the Find N3 apart, offering a fresh and innovative take on foldable technology.

The OPPO Find N3 is more than just a foldable phone; it’s a leap forward in design, camera technology, and user experience. With a commitment to addressing past concerns and pushing the boundaries of innovation, the Find N3 sets new standards for future foldable phones.

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