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Oman signs deals for 11 new hotels, resorts

Oman signs deals for 11 new hotels, resorts

The agreements include a third resort on the ‘green mountain’ Jebel Akhdar

Oman’s ministries of tourism and housing have signed agreements for 11 new resorts, hotels and tourists camps.

Times of Oman reports that the deals include the allocation of 73,367 square metres of land at Jebel Akhdar to Oman Investment Fund to create the ‘green mountain’s third major resort.

Others include the allocation of 30,000 sqm of land to Bawabat al Sahra’ al Hadeetha company to build a resort in the wilayat of Bidiyah and 8,156 sqm of land to Alem al Ijadah to build a hotel in Dima Wa al Taeen.

The ministries have also allocated 15,000 sqm of land each to Muntaja’ al Hara and Bahjat al Quloob to build a resort in Nizwa and tourist camp in Saham and 10,000 sqm to Ruba al Jazeera and Al Bathel lilmashari’ al Shamilah to build hotels in Salalah and Izki respectively.

The remaining agreements include 7,942 sqm to Wahat al Khair to build a hotel in Dima Wa al Taeen, 5,057 sqm to Al Muharik al Asasi to build hotel in Wadi al Ain and 5,000 sqm to Qalb al Muheet and Al Madinah al Khadra to build hotels in Salalah and Barka, according to the publication.

Oman’s total number of hotels increased to 339 last year through 41 additions and the country plans to significantly increase capacity.

Under its 2040 strategy, the ministry wants to provide 80,000 accommodation rooms including 33,373 hotel rooms, 29,287 vacation home rooms and 17,262 integrated tourism complex rooms.

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It is seeking OMR20bn ($51.95bn) to fund the strategy with the majority expected to come from the private sector.


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