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Oman could extend foreign worker ban to new sectors

Oman could extend foreign worker ban to new sectors

Oman banned the recruitment of foreigners in 10 sectors in January

Oman could reportedly include additional sectors in a six-month ban on hiring foreign workers if targets are not met.

Times of Oman cited Ministry of Manpower director general of development and planning Salim Naseer Al Hadrami as confirming the plans after the ban on recruitment in 10 sectors was enacted on January 24.

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“We are now discussing the subject and trying to learn if we need to extend the ban to more jobs or lift the ban on some jobs that we listed in the decision,” he was quoted as saying.

The ban applies to private sector companies in the information systems, sales, marketing and management sectors, human resources, insurance, information, medical professions, airports, engineering and technical professions.

It is set to be reviewed towards the end of July this year, according to the official.

“We will see whether the number of job seekers has decreased or not, if the job market needs to be opened for some jobs on the ban list, if we need to add more jobs or if we need to extend the ban — all that will be clear at the end of the six-month period,” he said, according to the publication.

The government has pledged to create 25,000 jobs for Omanis. The ministry has said it is 84 per cent of the way to reaching this target with a month to go after more than 21,000 were employed from December 2017 to April 2.

Going forward the government is seeking to introduce a shortlist of Omani jobseekers that private sector firms will need to consider before hiring foreign workers.

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