Oman allows students, retirees to work part-time
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Oman allows students, retirees to work part-time

Oman allows students, retirees to work part-time

Students as young as 15 can now be employed in the sultanate


Oman has introduced new legislation allowing school students and retirees to work part-time, according to reports.

The Ministry of Manpower amendments allow companies to recruit both types of workers provided they comply with set terms and conditions, according to Times of Oman.

These include that the number of working days is stated in the contract.

School students must be aged 15 or older and have their guardian’s consent. Work must be undertaken on school holidays only and is limited to certain professions.

Older students at government or private higher education institutions can work outside study time or on holidays with permission from the institution.

However, the work cannot deprive them of “financial allocations prescribed by the educational institution”, according to Times of Oman.

Once the student has completed work they should receive an experience certificate stating the duration of their time with the employer.

Part-time work was until recently unheard of in the six Gulf Cooperation Council states, where residence is typically linked to work visas.

However, a number of labour authorities have been exploring more flexible contracts to match market needs over the last two years.

Last month, the UAE’s Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation said it was introducing a new part-time contract allowing workers to be employed by more than one company.

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In May 2017, Saudi Arabia’s labour ministry was also reported to be exploring part-time working for Saudis in the private sector.

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