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Saudi to introduce flexible work contracts

Saudi to introduce flexible work contracts

The new system is designed to facilitate remote working

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Labour and Social Development is reportedly planning to allow Saudis in the private sector to be employed by the hour and paid weekly.

Saudi daily Al-Madina reports that the new system will allow flexible work contracts based on employer needs.

It would also mean employers do not need to provide paid leave, register the employee with the General Organization of Social Insurance, provide them with medical insurance or pay after-service benefits.

However, employers would be required to ensure job security and vocational health for workers.

The new system is expected to boost the employment of Saudis, particularly those that do not wish to commit to full-time work.

The ministry said 374,769 private sector jobs would be turned into remote working opportunities, equivalent to 3.5 per cent of all openings.

A further 141,000 remote working jobs are expected to be offered by the private sector by 2020, under plans to increase the percentage of Saudi women working to 28 per cent.

Part-time remote workers would be considered half an employee under the Nitaqat system, which limits the granting of work visas for foreigners based on the number of Saudis employed.

Disabled remote workers would count as one Saudi employee under the system, according to reports.


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