Survey: UAE Bankers Earn Dhs100,000 A Month

Bankers and CEOs earn the highest wages, but overall UAE salaries remain muted says new survey.

Big salary swings will be restricted to disciplines with a skill set or language shortage, said McKinley. (Getty)

Sales, Marketing and Support

creative director earns between Dhs31,000 to Dhs42,000 per month, an in-house PR manager pockets almost the same – between Dhs30,000 to Dhs45,000 per month, while a personal assistant makes a monthly wage of between Dhs17,000 and Dhs20,000, based on experience.

“Within the sales sector, we have seen a relatively constant flow between supply and demand, particularly within media and events. The FMCG market is growing and with global brands expanding across the region there is a need for talent with specific specialisms,” said McKinley.

Any sales people who survived the downturn are set for a “successful future” once the market responds to a more positive stimulus, said the report. Redundancies and commission-only packages are also becoming less common.

Advertising and media are also hiring heavily, particularly in the digital sphere, the report added.

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