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New female physical education degree coming to Saudi universities

New female physical education degree coming to Saudi universities

The kingdom is introducing physical education classes at girls’ schools from September

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Education is reportedly working with universities to introduce a physical education degree for female students.

The ministry aims to introduce a 4-year degree in physical education that will enable the students to work as teachers in schools, according to newspaper Al-Watan.

This follows last week’s announcement of the introduction of physical education classes at girl’s schools from September.

The physical education plan will see classes gradually introduced at girls’ schools from the next academic year with a second phase to focus on providing gyms and facilities.

The ministry has appointed a supervisory committee to oversee the programme led by Haya bint Abdul Aziz Al-Awwad, undersecretary for girl’s education.

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The ministry hopes to increase the percentage of people that exercise regularly from 13 per cent to 40 per cent.


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