New Abu Dhabi toll gates will only charge motorists from January 1, 2020
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New Abu Dhabi toll gates will only charge motorists from January 1, 2020

New Abu Dhabi toll gates will only charge motorists from January 1, 2020

The four toll gates will be become operational from October 15


Authorities in Abu Dhabi have announced that the new toll gates in the UAE capital will not charge motorists from October 15, 2019 – when they become operational – until January 1, 2020.

The free trial period is aimed at giving motorists more time to complete the registration system and will also provide residents a chance to “plan the best travel times and explore transport alternatives”, the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport (DoT) said.

The emirate announced in July that it will set up four toll gates across the city on Sheikh Zayed Bridge, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Bridge, Al Maqtaa Bridge and Mussafah Bridge.

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“The system has been developed with the aim of reducing traffic congestion while limiting costs for residents,” the DoT said in a statement.

It also announced additions to the list of those exempted from the toll.

“Once fees are implemented, senior citizens, retirees, martyrs’ family members, people of determination and low-income earners will be exempt, according to eligibility,” it said.

Daily commuters have also been offered monthly caps on fees.

Monthly caps for private vehicles will be Dhs200 for the first vehicle, Dhs150 for the second, and Dhs100 for each additional vehicle.

The toll fee will be Dhs4 for every pass during peak hours from Saturday to Thursday (7am – 9am and 5pm – 7pm).

During off-peak hours, on Fridays, and during public holidays, the toll fee will be Dhs2 for every pass.

The toll collection system is operational 24/7, with a daily maximum fee of Dhs16 per vehicle.

According to officials, up to 44,00 vehicles enter and exit Abu Dhabi island reaches per hour, including 24,000 entering the city and 20,000 exiting the area.

“Abu Dhabi toll gates fees are the lowest of any other similar international system, taking into account that the UAE ranks first globally for the quality of its roads according to the Global Competitiveness Report issued by the World Economic Forum,” the statement added.


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