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Motorists can avail 75% discount on traffic fines in Dubai

Motorists can avail 75% discount on traffic fines in Dubai

Dubai Police launches third phase of its traffic fines settlements’ initiative

Motorists in Dubai can avail a 75 per cent discount on their traffic fines as long as they haven’t incurred any penalties since February 7 this year, as part of Dubai Police’s third installment of its traffic discounts initiative.

The traffic fines settlement campaign, launched as part of the UAE’s Year of Tolerance, encourages motorists in the emirate to abide by traffic laws for a full calendar year, starting February 2019.

Those who did not commit any traffic violations for the first three months could earn a 25 per cent discount on the accumulated traffic fines, while motorists who committed no traffic offence for six months gained a 50 per cent discount.

Motorists who go offence-free for a full calendar year will be given a 100 per cent discount.

The initiative is applicable to privately owned vehicles only, and does not apply to vehicles registered with businesses, rental offices or companies, including public or private transport companies.

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