Mandiant and SentinelOne announce strategic partnership
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Mandiant and SentinelOne announce strategic partnership

Mandiant and SentinelOne announce strategic partnership

Through the strategic alliance, the cybersecurity firms aim to help organisations strengthen their ability to mitigate cyberthreats

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Mandiant and SentinelOne have announced a new strategic alliance to help organisations reduce the risk of data breaches and strengthen their ability to mitigate cyberthreats.

Mandian’s advantage XDR platform will empower organisations to strengthen security controls and remain ahead of threats through intelligence-led technologies, a statement said.

The integration of SentinelOne’s singularity XDR platform into advantage XDR enables joint customers to diagnose and remediate threats more accurately through enhanced visibility, automation, and alert prioritisation.

“Evolving threats and IT environments have resulted in a perfect storm for security practitioners, making it more difficult than ever to keep environments secure. In partnering with cybersecurity leaders such as SentinelOne, we are better empowering organisations to protect their environments and mitigate future risk through unparalleled threat detection and response capabilities,” said Marshall Heilman, EVP and global CTO at Mandiant.

“The Singularity XDR platform was built to rapidly deploy, detect, and respond to attacks – autonomously – making incident response faster. SentinelOne is quickly becoming the incident response technology standard, favoured by leading cyber security services providers,” said Nicholas Warner, COO at SentinelOne.

Heilman continued, “Strategically partnering with companies like SentinelOne enables Mandiant to grow new customer acquisition and cross-sell/upsell engagement across the Mandiant advantage products and services portfolio. Additionally, this go-to-market alliance enables more organisations to access Mandiant’s expertise and intelligence through the Mandiant Advantage platform.”

Through the strategic alliance, Mandiant will provide consulting engagements that span the its advantage and singularity XDR platforms. In addition, its managed defence practice plans to introduce managed detection and response for SentinelOne customers in the second half of 2022.

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