LG launches virtual platform for air solution technology
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LG launches virtual platform for air solution technology

LG launches virtual platform for air solution technology

The LG HVAC virtual experience provides visitors with the opportunity to explore a wide range of residential and commercial solutions

Divsha Bhat

LG Electronics has launched LG HVAC virtual experience, a new online showroom. This interactive online showroom, which makes use of the latest digital technologies, allows visitors to learn about LG’s residential and commercial indoor environmental solutions from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

LG Virtual experience

Visitors may view the company’s latest solutions in a range of simulated scenarios to learn about the benefits they bring, such as increased comfort, enhanced indoor air quality, and seamless control.


Visitors may pick from a variety of business and living space types when they join the virtual platform, including residential apartment, residential villa, office general, office high-rise, retail, and hotel. Customers may freely move around the 3D environments us-ing their mouse or touchscreen.

Specifications, features, product videos, and case studies are all available on the menus for each model.


The virtual showroom also allows visitors to see the behind-the-scenes details and technologies. To observe how air flows through an air conditioner or air purifier and how pipes conduct water and refrigerant through a system, visitors will need to press the on-screen airflow and piping buttons. They can also switch between operational settings virtually to see how airflow varies from one air conditioner to the next.

Recently, LG Electronics also officially rolled out its sales for the world’s first rollable television, the LG Signature OLED R, in the UAE.

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The 65-inch flexible OLED display is created from one sheet of glass and features self-lit pixels and independent dimming control. It also allows users to deploy three distinct viewing modes – full view, line view and zero view.

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