Kuwait's Public Works minister to terminate all expat employees - report
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Kuwait’s Public Works minister to terminate all expat employees – report

Kuwait’s Public Works minister to terminate all expat employees – report

While 150 expats have been fired, another 400 are expected to receive termination letters, local media reported

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Kuwaiti minister of Public Works and minister of State for Housing Affairs Rana al-Fares

All the expatriates working at Kuwait’s ministry of Public Works are expected to be terminated shortly in line with the country’s plan to reduce the number of foreign workers.

Minister of Public Works Rana Al-Fares is planning to sign termination letters for all 400 expatriate employees working in various departments in the ministry, who hold administrative, legal and technical positions, local media reported, citing sources.

The news comes weeks after the minister reportedly fired 150 expat ministry employees.

The expat employees accounted for 5 per cent of the ministry’s total staff, the sources said.

“The original plan was to terminate expatriate employees gradually, and the next batch was supposed to happen by year’s end,” sources told Arabic daily Al Rai.

“However, the minister decided not to wait and end expatriate employees’ contracts immediately.

“Fares eyes full Kuwaitisation of her departments’ workforce and allowing national manpower to bear full responsibility in the coming years,” the sources added.

Kuwait is currently in the process of finalising a law that will regulate the number of expats allowed to work and live in the country.

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MPs have already called to replace all expat jobs in the government within one year.

In June, the country announced that it will ban the employment of expatriates in state-owned Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) and its subsidiaries for the year 2020-21.

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Kuwait’s Municipality also said in May that it would soon dismiss all expat employees and replace them with Kuwaitis.

The decision also called for freezing employment applications from expats, cancelling appointments under process and not renewing the contracts of existing employees.

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