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Kuwait’s National Assembly to be dissolved ‘within days’

Kuwait’s National Assembly to be dissolved ‘within days’

An Amiri decree is expected following disputes between MPs and the government over the recent fuel price increase, according to reports

Kuwait’s parliament, known as the National Assembly, will likely be dissolved “within days”, MP Khalaf Dumaitheer has been quoted as saying.

Kuwait times reported the pro-government figure and a number of other lawmakers and parliamentary sources had confirmed an Amiri decree to dissolve the house could be issued on Sunday.

“There are strong indications that the National Assembly will be dissolved very soon,” Dumaitheer said, according to the publication.

“I think the decision will be issued within days. I have already taken away some of my belongings from my office,” he said. “The next supper of the two authorities – Assembly and government – will be the last one.”

The MPs comments come following threats by a large number of lawmakers to grill ministers over a government decision to increase petrol prices by up to 80 per cent from September.

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Last week a deal was reached between the country’s parliament and the government granting Kuwaitis a fixed amount of free fuel each month based on price increases.

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However, this has failed to appease MPs and some citizens.

The current parliament was elected in July 2013 under a controversial one-vote electoral system that prompted the second boycott from the opposition in a row.

It would complete its normal four-year term in July 2017.

Should Kuwait’s Amir choose to dissolve the Assembly, fresh elections must be held within 60 days and the new parliament must hold its first session within two weeks of the vote.

Opposition groups, including the Islamic Constitutional Movement, are expected to field candidates after ending their boycott, according to Kuwait Times.


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