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Kuwait plans ban on foreign nationals with low degree scores

Kuwait plans ban on foreign nationals with low degree scores

The government is undertaking steps to ‘rebalance’ the country’s population

Kuwait’s General Authority for Manpower is reportedly planning to implement a ban on issuing work permits to foreign nationals with lower Grade Point Average (GPA) scores.

The measure would see only those possessing a university degree with a ‘good’ GPA score able to work in the country, according to Kuwait Times.

Sources told the publication the step was intended to help rebalance the country’s 4.5 million population, which comprises roughly 70 per cent foreign nationals at present, and ensure only highly skilled people can work in Kuwait.

It was reported last October that the country would begin checking and auditing university degree certificates when expats renew their residency visas.

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Under the plans, the government is also aiming to replace the roughly 44,500 foreign workers in the public sector with citizens under mandated cuts over the next four years.

A total of 3,140 foreign nationals in government roles were made redundant during the 2017-2018 financial year, which ended in March.

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