Kuwait government appeals fuel price hike verdict
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Kuwait government appeals fuel price hike verdict

Kuwait government appeals fuel price hike verdict

The increase, which is as high as 80 per cent for some fuel types, was deemed illegal by a court last week


The Kuwaiti government yesterday submitted an appeal against a verdict by the country’s administrative court that deemed a recent increase in petrol prices to be illegal.

The price hike, ranging from about 40 to 80 per cent depending on the fuel type, met stiff opposition from lawmakers and the public before and after its introduction on September 1.

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The appeals court will now set a date to hear the case after the government’s legal department insisted the decision was legal and followed proper procedures.

Last week the administrative court said the decision was against the law because it was not approved by oil decision-making body the Supreme Petroleum Council (SPC).

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It said input from the SPC was essential for the increase to become law.

The court also denied a request to immediately scrap the price hike but it will be suspended immediately if the appeals court upholds the ruling.

The country’s court of cassation will then make the final decision on the increase.

Kuwait Times said government officials and lawmakers would meet tomorrow to discuss measures to compensate Kuwaiti citizens affected by the increase.

Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanem called for the meeting to replace a request by 35 MPs to hold an emergency session, which requires the signature of the majority of members, according to the publication.

It is hoped the meeting will resolve the dispute between the government and MPs, who say citizens should be compensated in some way for the increase.

MP Abdullah Maayouf told the publication he hoped to “reach an efficient solution for the two sides” and the meeting would not end until it reached a solution in favour of Kuwaiti citizens.


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