Kuwait to deport 500 illegal residents
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Kuwait to deport 500 illegal residents

Kuwait to deport 500 illegal residents

The Gulf country held an amnesty for illegal workers earlier this year


Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior has referred nearly 500 foreigners for deportation after an inspection on Monday.

The campaign in the Al Jleeb al-Shuyukh area involved officials from public security, traffic affairs, central public administration and other departments.

Police officers audited 927 people and found 497 were staying in the country illegally.

Of the total, 60 had absconded from their employer, 59 were undocumented workers, 172 did not have identity papers, one was wanted for arrest and removal and three were linked to drug and alcohol cases.

The inspection team also recorded 297 traffic violations and released seven vehicles.

The Ministry of Interior called on citizens and residents to cooperate with security forces and present their identity documents when requested.

It said intensive security campaigns would continue throughout the country this week.

Kuwait held an amnesty allowing legal residents to leave the country from January 29 to February 22.

The period was later extended after only 50,000 of the country’s estimated 130,000 illegal residents applied.

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