Infobip helps MENA customers become digital transformation pioneers
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Infobip helps MENA customers become digital transformation pioneers

Infobip helps MENA customers become digital transformation pioneers

Since 2006, Infobip has grown to become the world’s most connected cloud communication platform, and achieved $1bn in revenue in 2020

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Since its inception in 2006 in Croatia, Infobip has grown to become the world’s most connected cloud communication platform, and achieved $1bn in revenue in 2020, without any external investment. The company’s growth can be linked to its response to demand for its communications platform that provides a depth and breadth of capabilities.

With more than a decade of industry experience, Infobip now has more than 70 offices, on six continents and offers natively built technology with the capacity to reach over seven billion mobile devices and ‘things’ connected directly to over 700 telecom networks.

In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region we have eight offices, providing local support to our growing customer base in the region. Infobip serves and partners with leading mobile operators, messaging apps, banks, social networks, tech companies and aggregators.

To underline, we help democratise global communications and digital interactions, such as customer support and sales, to enable businesses to transform their customer relationships, increase loyalty and grow.

Infobip boasts many global and regional success stories that show how its clients achieved outstanding results by being present when and where their customers are. Some of these achievements include: an 82 per cent increase in customer satisfaction score, 50 per cent reduction in cost, 115 per cent increase in revenue across Infobip’s global operations.

Driven by market trends
We are helping businesses across MENA to be pioneers in digital transformation and always respond to their customers’ demands. As a consumer-centric company, we are driven by market trends and our innovations in communication solutions respond to those trends, enabling businesses to grow by providing outstanding Customer Experience (CX).

In the MENA region, we have clients across many industries, including banking and finance services (including fintech and neobanks), retail and e-commerce, transportation and logistics, healthcare, government and many more.

Like elsewhere across the globe, the region saw a significant shift in customer behaviour during the Covid-19 pandemic, largely mandated by government restrictions to curb the spread of the virus, while some behaviour changes were directly driven by a shift in customers’ priorities.

Time is more valuable
Facing one of the biggest uncertainties of our time made people re-evaluate their priorities, resulting in consumers now valuing their time more and choosing more carefully how they spend it.

What this means for businesses is that people no longer want to spend a lot of time doing research before making a purchase, nor do they want to wait for a response from a brand for longer than a few minutes. Modern customers want instant solutions, because it gives them more time to do what is most valuable to them.

It means that companies now, more than ever, have to be where their customers are, whenever they may need something. This has forced many brick and mortar companies to introduce online shopping or reposition their business as digital for the first time. Being present on digital channels went from being a value add for the customer, to a total imperative overnight.

Aligned with customer trends
As a company that enables businesses to build connections with their customers over multiple channels, it’s easy to see how Infobip’s solutions help businesses stay aligned with the latest customer trends.

As Infobip continues to grow, both globally and in the MENA region, we continue to innovate the world of cloud communications. Our most recent focus is to create a distinct conversational experience and interface with our software-as-a-service solutions, as well as with the world’s most popular chat apps.

Many experts these days agree that we are facing a complete shift in the customer journey, which has changed from being a funnel to being an infinite loop. Helping businesses adapt to this new trend is Infobip’s objective going forward, and we’ll strive to continue to enable companies to build and orchestrate rich journeys across their customers’ preferred channels.

Alma Numic is the VP general manager – MENA at Infobip

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