How UAE University is fostering skill development among students
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How UAE University is fostering skill development among students

How UAE University is fostering skill development among students

Marking World Youth Skills Day, the United Arab Emirates University highlights the national strategic vision to support Emirati youth


Being celebrated across the world on July 15, World Youth Skills Day focuses on the importance of strengthening the participation of young people in society and developing their entrepreneurship. It provides a unique opportunity for dialogue between young people, technical and vocational education institutions, commercial firms, employers’ organisations, workers, policymakers and social development partners.

Dr Ayesha Al Dhaheri, associate provost for Student Affairs at United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) said that this year World Youth Skill Day is set against the backdrop of regional and global challenges. Amongst these, the response to the Covid-19 pandemic has motivated young people to take up a leading role in society, identifying solutions and alternatives, and making great efforts to promote social and economic recovery.

She said, “In the UAE, young people comprise most of the population. Our wise government has placed them at the center of national strategic plans and programmes, giving them direct roles so that they are active in initiatives that form their future. It has given them many opportunities for education and vocational and technical training in all domains, so they are better able to execute their future-oriented roles.”

In line with that vision, UAEU aims to foster and disseminate culture and knowledge, build expertise and competence among students, and equip them with scientific skills that meet the demands of rapid social development.  The UAEU takes a student-centred approach so that everyone is able to choose and hone their personal development according to their own ambitions and talents. It fosters young people’s engagement in the labour market and with national sustainable development projects.

Umniah Gharib al-Qahtani, a student from the faculty of education and Moza Sarhan al-Mansouri, a student from the faculty of engineering, said that under the leadership of the UAE’s President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the country has strengthened the role of young people and empowered them to participate in all domains of society.

The students highlighted the importance of youth councils, which form part of a national strategy to support young people and provide opportunities for the development of their creativity, innovation, skills and experience. Youth Councils support youth projects and provide opportunities for advanced education, training, and apprenticeships and support the achievement of the government’s future vision.

In other developments, Emirates NBD, through its new talent programme, is aiming to nurture and develop young Emiratis, making them future-ready to support the digital economy.

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