How drones and AI are transforming law enforcement
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How drones and AI are transforming law enforcement

How drones and AI are transforming law enforcement

Zenith Technologies CEO and founder Russell Hammad shares how drones and AI are helping law enforcement agencies improve operational efficiency

Neesha Salian
How drones and AI are transforming law enforcement interview with Russell Hammad of Zenith Technologies

How have law enforcement agencies benefitted from using AI and drones?

In a rapidly digitised world, AI and drone technology are essential in future-proofing the law enforcement and security industries. As technology advances, so do the challenges in maintaining public safety and security. AI and drones offer innovative solutions that enhance traditional policing methods, ensuring agencies remain effective in addressing modern security threats.

Law enforcement agencies have significantly benefitted from the integration of AI and drone technologies. AI algorithms can analyse vast amounts of data to identify patterns, predict criminal activity, and optimise resource allocation. This has improved response times and overall effectiveness in crime prevention and investigation.

Drones, equipped with cameras and sensors, provide law enforcement with enhanced surveillance capabilities. They can be used to monitor large and hard-to-reach areas, gather real-time intelligence, and assess dangerous situations without risking the lives of officers.

By embracing AI and drone technologies, law enforcement agencies can significantly improve operational efficiency and better protect communities in an increasingly complex and digitalised world.

What are the key challenges to their adoption?

The adoption of AI and drones in law enforcement faces several key challenges including privacy, investment costs and personnel training. However, for drones specifically, some of the primary concerns are the battery chargeable span, flight durations, and heavy payload, which result in drone size increments.

Additionally, on the governance front, the regulatory framework instigated by most cities/countries restricts the operation of drones due to security, safety, as well as law and order concerns.

What are the key features and capabilities of Zenith’s AI EagleEye technology and how can it help law enforcement agencies in the region?

The AI EagleEye Intelligent Patrol underwrites a holistic, AI-driven tech-savvy turn that leverages our seamless front and backend novel innovation in AI algorithms as well as in the electromechanical domain when addressing the electromechanical functionality of launching a drone and wirelessly charging it in a patrol’s lightbar.

One key feature is the 360-degree situation awareness provided by the AI-empowered lightbar. This allows law enforcement officers to have a comprehensive view of their surroundings, enabling them to better assess and respond to potential threats.

Another important capability is the 360-degree automatic number plate recognition which includes make, model and colour recognition, and face recognition. This feature enhances law enforcement’s ability to identify vehicles and individuals of interest quickly and accurately. The technology also includes LIDAR speed enforcement, which helps in detecting and deterring speeding violations, contributing to road safety.

Additionally, the AI EagleEye technology includes visual pollution detection using AI-trainable algorithms. This feature can help in identifying and addressing environmental issues such as illegal dumping or pollution. One of the most innovative aspects of the technology, however, is the embedded AI drone, which is US defence military certified.

This drone can be launched in just 30 seconds from an in-patrol launch and wirelessly recharged within the patrol’s lightbar in 40 minutes while on the move. The drone can operate in autonomous and manual modes, providing law enforcement with flexible and dynamic aerial surveillance capabilities.

Furthermore, all the data captured by the lightbar or drone is relayed via wireless communication to Zenith’s command and control centre and streamed to the in-vehicle dashboard console in real time. This allows for data convergence and provides law enforcement officers with actionable intelligence to inform their decision-making processes.

Overall, Zenith‘s AI EagleEye technology offers law enforcement agencies in the region a comprehensive and advanced solution for enhancing their operational capabilities and improving public safety.

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