Gitex 2020: Avaya highlights ‘work-from-anywhere’ technologies
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Gitex 2020: Avaya highlights ‘work-from-anywhere’ technologies

Gitex 2020: Avaya highlights ‘work-from-anywhere’ technologies

Nidal Abou-Ltaif, president, Avaya International (EMEA & APAC), highlights Gitex 2020 importance amid global challenges


You are taking part in Gitex this year amid great global challenges. What is the purpose of your participation and how do you evaluate the decision to hold this event? And what is its impact on your business relationships?

Abou-Ltaif: It goes without saying that difficulties may sometimes impose new patterns and models of business and marketing on companies. And that includes the way we as an industry participate in exhibitions, conferences and other events. But the important thing is that, just as our partners and customers are always present, we will also be there to provide support and achieve success. We have full confidence in the decision of the Dubai World Trade Centre to organise Gitex this year through a set of policies that allows social distancing while still enabling the success of the event. We have complete faith that the public safety policies being undertaken by the exhibition management this year allow for the safe participation of our employees, partners, customers and visitors.

Gitex for Avaya is a strategic platform for kick starting its strategy and, therefore, its go-to-market for the year. What are you doing to overcome the travel restrictions that, otherwise, would have seen hundreds of your customers from around the world visit your stand?
Abou-Ltaif: Year on year, we’ve hosted customers and partners at Gitex, from Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region. Early on, we recognised that this will be a challenge this year, so we got ready to take Avaya at Gitex live to more than 150 cities and hundreds of our customers around the world, through a daily live broadcast. I am excited to have been able to mobilise my team and our partners to deliver on this mammoth initiative. It’s going to be our greatest show.

What will some of Avaya’s highlights be at the show?

Abou-Ltaif: Over the past two decades, we’ve used Gitex as a platform to demonstrate our commitment to addressing the economic, technological and social challenges of the day with solutions that meet the vast ambitions of our global customer base. This year, we composed solutions that help our customers achieve business sustainability, meet the challenges of the shift to work from anywhere, and more importantly, deliver on the overarching demand of an accelerated path to digital transformation.

Abou-Ltaif:: Dubai set to become remote working destination through its newly launched Virtual Working Program

We’re highlighting a cloud-based framework to deliver incredible customer and employee experiences in the ‘work-from-anywhere’ world, which has emerged over the course of the year. Our solutions support the creation of the digital workplace and future customer experience centre through core capabilities combined with one of the industry’s richest ecosystems. Based on Avaya OneCloud, these technologies enable organisations to ‘compose’ solutions – using different elements to deliver desired outcomes – to create multiexperiences for employees and customers that are just as meaningful in the digital realm as they are in person.

Avaya OneCloud is a comprehensive multi-cloud portfolio and open application ecosystem, through which organisations can make every experience matter for the digital worker and customer.

What role does Avaya play in the ambitions of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates? How is this going to come to life at GITEX?

Abou-Ltaif: Along with having developed itself into a global business, technology, educational and research hub at an accelerated pace, Dubai is also set to be the remote working capital of the world through its newly launched Virtual Working Program. This is already garnering a fantastic response from workers around the world; a recent global poll run by Avaya showed that, for almost 22 per cent of workers, Dubai would be the first choice if they could work from anywhere.

At GITEX, and with our Avaya OneCloud framework, we’re orchestrating collaboration and customer experience technologies that meets these ambitions, enabling a new world of healthcare, education, commerce and government services. Supported by artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning and analytics, the world of work of every student, patient, doctor and customer service agent is becoming more intuitive, more personalised and more secure than ever before.

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