Faces to watch: Emerging tech leaders in MEA
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Faces to watch: Emerging tech leaders in MEA

Faces to watch: Emerging tech leaders in MEA

We profile key executives across the regional emerging tech space

Human Technology Connection

The pandemic has fundamentally emphasised the relevance of new technologies. To be competitive in the face of the crisis and beyond, enterprises will need to refocus their efforts and investments on emerging technologies.

Mohamed Mousa
Vice president, Euronet Worldwide and MD, Euronet Middle East

Euronet Middle East provides debit card management and operational services as well as ATM and POS outsourcing services to financial institutions in the Middle East. Their REN payments platform processes the company’s transactions from its global data centres and is licenced to businesses as on-premise software or through Euronet-hosted cloud services. With over 25 years of experience in the IT and banking sectors, he is a veteran of Euronet and launched the company’s operations in Africa and the Middle East in 2001 and 2005 respectively. He was appointed as the global VP and managing director for the Middle East in 2012 and is now responsible for creating and executing Euronet’s strategy across the region.

Somaroy Gabbita
General manager, Human Logic Technologies

Human Logic, in collaboration with Moodle, offers virtual learning environments that cater to the habits and needs of millennials. The company develops custom software solutions and IaaS and SaaS based implementations to address the business challenges for higher education, corporations and government agencies in the region.

Somaroy Gabbita, who was part of the team that set up the Indian company’s Dubai operations, is now tasked with growing its regional presence. Prior to this, he was a member of the team that founded Rightgen Technologies in Hyderabad, India, where he served as the solution architect for the Schoolgen product.

Manish Kumar
CEO, StockHunt Technologies

StockHunt assists customers in making investment decisions and managing risk throughout their portfolio using an AI-driven automated trading and investing platform. The company employs sentimental analysis to monitor financial and business news as well as press releases in real time using voice-to-text and text analysis. It also uses more than 5,000 application programming interfaces (APIs) to automate fundamental and technical analysis.

To serve clients in the EMEA region, the business recently opened a new headquarters in Dubai. Manish Kumar, who has vast experience in designing and developing different ML/AI technologies, is now tasked with expanding its operations.

Shamsh Hadi
CEO and co-founder, ZorroSign

ZorroSign was founded in 2015 to provide a single platform for unified Digital Transaction Management (DTM) solutions using electronic signature technology. It leverages blockchain technology to offer security and privacy for organisations. With offices in UAE, Sri Lanka, India and the US, the company’s corporate social responsibility programme is focused on environmental protection. As the company’s CEO and co-founder, Hadi – who is based in Dubai – says: “I built this company to bring blockchain technology to the people.” He is leading the ZorroSign’s ambitious mission to expand its customer base and create more than 300 new jobs over the next three years.

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