Here's how corporate upskilling benefits the workforce
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Here’s how corporate upskilling benefits the workforce

Here’s how corporate upskilling benefits the workforce

E-learning gained higher acceptance and adoption during the pandemic, making it a trusted channel of learning says Somaroy Gabbita, general manager at Human Logic

Somaroy Gabbita, Human Logic

How does Human Logic help organisations enhance the process of learning and sharing information?
Traditionally, L&D and corporate training initiatives were led by HR departments to gauge and develop skills. Human Logic, on the other hand, focuses on employee engagement by designing employee centric and employee driven learning. This has empowered HR and L&D departments to enhance their upskilling effort across the levels of hierarchy to make the process engaging, be it through visually rich gamified courses for blue-collar staff who grapple with minimal access to devices, technology, tools and subject-understanding, or the use of crisp, information-packed microlearning bundles targeted at the C-suite who thrive on quick bites of learning.

Can you tell us in brief about your solutions on learning portals and corporate learning?
Human Logic offers a unique portfolio of end-to-end solutions that help accelerate digital transformation of corporate learning and upskilling. Our products span over a variety of systems including Learning Management Systems (LMS), Training Experience Platforms (TXP) and branded mobile apps that enable anytime anywhere e-learning and can also be configured to be accessed only through secure corporate networks. In addition to these, Human Logic also develops custom-designed, and engaging e-learning courseware that is aligned to andragogic gamification techniques, adaptive to learner profiles, and is delivered in platform-agnostic forms (LTI/SCORM).

During the pandemic, the region witnessed massive growth in the adoption of cloud. But with this acceleration, did you notice any challenges in the implementation?
The pandemic provided a new dimension to remote learning. Although e-learning was an established technology, it gained higher acceptance and adoption during the pandemic, making it a trusted channel of learning. We overcame implementation challenges by providing secure, AI proctored environments for e-learning, and also ensuring that the market demand for mobile learning available only through secure corporate applications and networks is met. Through this we empowered corporates to leverage learning activities through mobile, cloud-based systems.

Please tell us about your recent partnerships.
Our recent partnerships have been carefully established to synergise and propel our strategic focus on L&D and our competitive strengths in the e-learning space. To empower customers with powerful AI-based analytics, advanced business intelligence and reporting capabilities, we partnered with Intelliboard, a comprehensive reporting and analytics platform. Our partnership makes Human Logic the first Intelliboard partner in the UAE, allowing them access to service GCC customers. We also partnered with Amazon Web Services to strengthen our relationships and position once their regional datacentre is operational. We also established a unique partnership with GO1, the world’s largest off-the-shelf content aggregator offering over 250,000 e-learning assets across a wide range of topics. As a prominent contributor of over 700 courses to the “Netflix of courseware”, as they are popularly known, Human Logic also unlocked synergies though this partnership, making our e-learning portfolio comprehensive.

What new innovations or solutions do you have planned for 2022?
The coming year will see exciting new product offerings from Human Logic. These include a subscription-based cloud library of over 900 engaging e-learning courses. What makes this catalogue unique is that the topics are handpicked based on market gaps and popular demand and are built to cater to the requirement of quality bilingual off-the-shelf courseware that is built for the region. The catalogue will enable corporate customers to deploy these courses in their environment irrespective of the platform they own. We are also thrilled about our innovative strides on an AI based tool and recommendation engine for corporate learning, that provides recommendations based on user learning patterns, learning behaviours and skill requirements. This tool is Human Logic’s contribution to the edtech space as it is designed to be platform-agnostic and can be used to empower any LMS with its features.

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