Expo 2020 Dubai pavilions: Sweden, Kuwait, China, Canada, Belgium, Mexico, Pakistan, Sierra Leone
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Expo 2020 Dubai pavilions: Sweden, Kuwait, China, Canada, Belgium, Mexico, Pakistan, Sierra Leone

Expo 2020 Dubai pavilions: Sweden, Kuwait, China, Canada, Belgium, Mexico, Pakistan, Sierra Leone

Here’s a list of eight participating country pavilions and their offerings


Expo 2020 Dubai is the very first world expo where every participating country has its own pavilion.

Each of the 192 country pavilions – spread across the three main districts of sustainability, mobility and opportunity – will have the chance to showcase their innovations and strategies.

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Here’s a glimpse at another eight of the 192 pavilions at this year’s event.

Image Courtesy: Expo 2020 Dubai Sweden website

Location: Sustainability  District | Architect: Alessandro Ripellino

The Swedish pavilion, dubbed the Forest, has deployed alternative materials instead of concrete and steel.

Guests can stroll through paths flanked by wooden trunks and understand how the country is developing smart cities, creating the next generation of travel, innovating life sciences and constructing a bio-circular economy. Visitors can also relish original Swedish coffee at the pavilion.

Location:  Sustainability District | Architect: Marco Pestalozza

Discover the cultural richness of the Kuwaiti people through an immersive experience of music, song and poetry. Situated in the sustainability district, the pavilion hosts ‘The Spring of Life’, an architectural feature inspired by the nation’s vision for sustainability. Meanwhile, a shimmering facade – The Envelope – encapsulates the country’s nature and energy.

Sierra Leone
Location: Opportunity District | Architect: Thematic District Pavilion

Discover one of West Africa’s destinations, and experience its rich natural resources and eagerness to explore innovative, sustainable development. Revel in the story of the country’s diamonds while kids can play with multiple themes and costumes in the children’s area.

China Expo 2020 DubaiChina
Location: Opportunity District | Architect: Construction Engr. Design

The pavilion, called ‘The Light of China’, resembles a Chinese traditional lantern, representing brightness, auspiciousness and happiness. One of the largest pavilions at Expo 2020 Dubai at 4,636 sqm, it is designed in line with the principle of the ‘combination of the Chinese and Western culture with Chinese culture as the core’.

Visitors can also experience indigenous innovations such as 5G, AI and smart travel at the exhibition.

Image Courtesy: Wales in Middle East & North Africa Twitter

Location: Sustainability District | Architect: Moriyama & Teshima

Canada’s approach has been inspired by its commitment to embracing diversity, inclusion, human rights and gender equality.

Canada’s Expo 2020 theme, The Future in Mind, serves as a platform to promote opportunities from across the country’s provinces, territories and cities.

Divided into three sections, the pavilion consists of a 360° immersive theater showcasing Canada’s story, a VIP section for business meetings and conferences and an office space for staff members.

Image Courtesy: Dubai Tourism Twitter

Location: Mobility District | Architect: Assar / Vincent Callebaut

The 500 square metre pavilion offers a glimpse into the future of Belgian mobility technologies and innovations. Visitors upon entering the pavilion are greeted by six Belgians who demonstrated extraordinary achievements in mobility.

Guests can also view the sunset and enjoy snacks at the rooftop terrace which offers a lounge area. Alternatively, they can relish local specialities at the brasserie and or enjoy fries and waffles from its take-away kiosk.

Image Courtesy: Mexico Expo 2020 Twitter

Location: Mobility District | Architect: Capital Engineering

Featuring Mexican flowers and monarch butterflies throughout the pavilion, guests can experience a journey of mobility, migration, exchange and strength throughout the cycle of life.

Visitors can soak in the country’s artistic creation, literature, music, photography, dance, theatre and films, while local Mexican cuisine is also on offer.
Image Courtesy: PakistanExpo2020 Twitter

Location: Opportunity District | Architect: Al Jabal Engineering

‘Pakistan: The Hidden Treasure’ highlights the unique offerings of the South Asian economy, unknown to many. The narrative of the pavilion reflects how the country’s past, present and future are woven together that showcase its culture, people and traditions.

Guests can relish gastronomical delights at ‘The Dhaaba’ restaurant, offering a sublime version of the country’s street food. Visitors can also take away a bit of the country via shopping for cultural memorabilia available at the Bazaar.

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