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Emirati teachers reportedly quitting for being ‘overworked and underpaid’

Emirati teachers reportedly quitting for being ‘overworked and underpaid’

Up to 477 Emirati teachers resigned from public schools last year

Several Emirati teachers have resigned after complaining about being overworked and underpaid, a member of the Federal National Council (FNC) has reportedly said.

Salem Al Shehhi, a member from Ras Al Khaimah, has alleged that the grievances of the teachers are also not being heard, The National reported.

“They are continuing to leave and there is still a shortage of teachers for some subjects,” the newspaper quoted him as saying.

“They tried to speak to officials at the ministry and their managers but got no feedback.”

He told the FNC that although some resignations were immediately accepted, several chemistry and physics teachers were not allowed to leave.

However, The National also quoted Education Minister Hussein Al Hammadi as stating that the ministry had launched several initiatives to improve job satisfaction, including a council for teachers to express their concerns.

The council currently has 370 members.

“We also launched a campaign for retired teachers to possibly return to the profession. Some responded favourably and we expect big numbers to join,” he said.

According to Al Hammadi, 477 Emirati teachers resigned from public schools last year.

“We lost qualified teachers because of rumours about retirement procedures but they were contacted and briefed on the laws.”

He also confirmed that 900 Emirati teachers resigned between 2014 and 2016, while 442 were hired – in line with international standards.

In June this year, school regulator Abu Dhabi Education Council (Adec) revealed that over 340 teachers were dismissed from state schools.

The dismissed teachers made up more than 3 per cent of Adec’s teaching staff in 255 schools.

According to reports, 272 of those teachers lost their jobs “due to changes in the school curriculum as per the New School Model.”

The other 71 teachers were dismissed due to failure to meet performance standards.

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