Dubai postpones new waste disposal fees
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Dubai postpones new waste disposal fees

Dubai postpones new waste disposal fees

The delay has offered some relief to disposal companies, which were trying to pass on the fees to consumers


Dubai Municipality has reportedly postponed a new waste disposal fee system amid concerns the higher rates would be passed on to end users.

Gulf News reports that the municipality’s waste management department announced the delay to waste transport companies a day before the new system’s implementation.

The system was supposed to begin on May 17 but has been “postponed until further notice”, according to a local order seen by the publication.

The new fees would have been applicable on waste generated by commercial establishments, factories, private and public institutions as well as residential communities and freehold properties belonging to developers that are served by private waste collection companies.

For municipal waste going to landfills the price would have been Dhs80 ($22) per tonne in 2018, Dhs90 ($25) in 2019 and Dhs100 ($27) in 2020 and thereafter.
Organic waste going to treatment plants would cost Dhs30 per tonne in 2018, Dhs40 in 2019 and Dhs50 in 2020 and beyond.

Meanwhile recyclable materials sent to sorting stations would be charged at Dhs30, Dhs40 and Dhs50 per tonne from 2018 to 2020 if they are mixed with organic waste and Dhs20, Dhs25 and Dhs30 if they are not.

Sources told Gulf News the delay followed a customer forum organised by waste collection and transport companies on April 29.

The companies at the forum said they would pass on the fee to clients generating waste.

In addition, companies were concerned after being asked to register a bank account to automatically deduct disposal fees each time their trucks dumped waste and having to buy a Dhs300 ($82) RFID tag for each truck.

Companies said it was unclear when the system would now come into effect, with some speculating it may be introduced after Ramadan.

Separately the municipality has announced plans to convert more and more waste into energy and other products over the coming years

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