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Dubai Police extends initiative to waive traffic fines

Dubai Police extends initiative to waive traffic fines

A total of 557,430 motorists benefitted from the previous initiative announced in February 2019

Dubai Police has extended its traffic fines discount initiative by another year, according to media reports.

The initiative initially announced in February 2019, rewarded motorists by reducing or completely waiving their accumulated traffic fines.

Those who did not commit any traffic violations for the first three months earned a 25 per cent discount while motorists who committed no traffic offence for six months gained a 50 per cent discount. Motorists who went offence-free for a full calendar year were eligible for a 100 per cent discount.

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A total of 557,430 motorists profited from last year’s initiative. Jordanian drivers proved to be the biggest beneficiary pool, with a total of 176,987 benefitting.

The 2019/20 traffic fines settlement initiative helped prevent fatal traffic accidents by 16 per cent, while prompting a 38 per cent dip in severe injuries on roads.



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