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Dubai Police arrests man for encouraging violation of traffic laws

Dubai Police arrests man for encouraging violation of traffic laws

The offender was encouraging people to discredit police officers

Dubai Police confirmed the arrest of an Asian man who posted a video instigating people to flout traffic laws and disrespect police officers.

Requisite action has been taken against the person.

On March 25, Dubai Police confirmed that it had arrested a European national of Arab origin for posting a video showing her indifference to the #StayHome campaign launched by the authorities in the UAE and encouraging others to defy the ban.

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To contain the spread of the coronavirus, the UAE has already told its residents to stay at home unless it’s absolutely necessary to get essential supplies, such as food and medicine, or to perform “essential jobs”.

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The UAE Ministry of Justice meanwhile has confirmed that the Covid-19 is now included under the country’s law on communicable diseases and that those who violate the precautionary measures outlined by authorities to prevent the spread of the disease are liable to imprisonment and/or fines.

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The Sharjah Police shared a video on their social media platforms on Tuesday showing how they too were using drones to broadcast public safety messages and encouraging people to stay at home.

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