Dubai launches second cycle of its cybersecurity strategy
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Dubai launches second cycle of its cybersecurity strategy

Dubai launches second cycle of its cybersecurity strategy

The city has emerged as a global leader in cybersecurity by implementing secure digital systems and adopting advanced technical solutions

Dubai bolsters its cybersecurity strategy

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of The Executive Council of Dubai has launched the second cycle of the Dubai Cyber Security Strategy, to establish a safe and secure cyberspace and strengthen the city’s digital infrastructure.

The launch of the strategy reflects the commitment of the Dubai Electronic Security Center, part of Digital Dubai, to safeguarding the digital ecosystem and accelerating digital transformation and smart city initiatives. The latest cycle of the strategy aligns with the Cybersecurity Pillar of Digital Dubai’s Strategy.

“The second cycle of the Dubai Cyber Security Strategy seeks to enhance Dubai’s digital infrastructure and strengthen the emirate’s digital economy. As part of the high priority we place on securing our cyberspace, the Dubai Cyber Security Strategy 2023 is designed to meet future needs and enhance our digital defence capabilities by nurturing talent and fostering strategic partnerships,” said Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed.

“Given the constantly evolving challenges and risks, it is crucial that we continue to prioritise the development of cybersecurity. Staying abreast of rapid changes and emerging trends requires flexibility, innovation, proactivity and heightened digital awareness,” Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed added.

Dubai has emerged as a global leader in cybersecurity by implementing secure digital systems and adopting advanced technical solutions that align with the latest global advancements in cyberspace. Through these efforts, the city ensures that businesses and individuals reach unprecedented levels of development, growth and excellence.

Dubai’s cybersecurity strategy

The second cycle of the Dubai Cyber Security Strategy is aligned with the government’s efforts to strengthen the city’s position as a global hub for cutting-edge technology. This endeavour plays a crucial role in establishing a society that prioritises development, safety, happiness, well-being and prosperity.

The success of the strategy will be driven by the diligent efforts of individuals, public and private sector institutions and their close cooperation with the government sector to invest in technology. This plays a key role in establishing a secure cyberspace, equipped with integrated and proactive protection against potential cyber risks.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, launched the first cycle of the Dubai Cyber Security Strategy in 2017, which has successfully achieved its strategic goals over the years.

The strategy has provided comprehensive protection against cyber security risks and facilitated innovation in cyberspace, consequently driving the growth and prosperity of the city.

Four main pillars

The new strategy addresses the cyber security requirements of the entire city, encompassing government agencies, infrastructure, businesses, residents and visitors. It acknowledges the rapid changes worldwide, along with the challenges and opportunities presented in the digital age.

The initiative further underscores the Dubai Electronic Security Center’s commitment to upholding integrity, privacy, and compliance in information processing systems, while also striving to enhance and optimise decision-making processes at the highest levels.

The cybersecurity strategy introduces four key pillars: a cyber-secure society, an incubator city for innovation, a resilient cyber city, and active cyber collaboration. These pillars align with the vision of the leadership and their future aspirations to strengthen Dubai’s leading position in the field of cyber security.

Embracing a proactive approach to cyber security, the strategy aims to enhance resilience, foster partnerships, and build upon the achievements of the initial strategy in 2017. Within the cyber-secure society pillar, the strategy seeks to nurture cyber skills and facilitate accessible cyber security.

The incubator city for innovation pillar focuses on advancing cyber security research, fostering an innovation ecosystem, ensuring secure adoption of emerging technologies, and bolstering the assurance ecosystem.

The vision and objectives of the Dubai Cyber Security Strategy 2023 align closely with the national strategies and government policies on the digital economy and cyber security. These strategies seek to advance society, foster prosperity and promote happiness while working towards establishing a sustainable and active knowledge-based economy within the next 50 years.

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