Democratising AI: Optimas AI's mission turned business
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Democratising AI: Optimas AI’s mission turned business

Democratising AI: Optimas AI’s mission turned business

Optimas AI is focusing on democratising AI, making it accessible to decision-makers, and integrating advanced risk management, governance, and privacy solutions

Marisha Singh

As businesses navigate the complexities of the digital age, the role of artificial intelligence (AI) has become increasingly pivotal. Optimas AI is leading the charge in democratising AI, making its advanced capabilities accessible to business leaders and decision-makers without the need for deep technical knowledge.

Aadesh Gawde, chief product officer, Optimas AI emphasises the importance of delivering AI outcomes directly to executives, such as CEOs and board members, through an intuitive user experience. He says, “By incorporating conversational AI, leaders can interact with AI systems using natural language queries, making it easier to extract valuable insights and make informed decisions.”

“This approach not only simplifies the use of AI but also ensures that businesses can stay ahead of potential risks,” he adds.

He explains that Optimas AI delivers this through “a dedicated team of data scientists and AI engineers who are continuously developing cutting-edge technologies to identify both known and unknown risks, ensuring organisations remain protected.”

Integrating governance, quantification, and resilience

Governance, risk, and compliance are critical elements within any organisation. Optimas AI integrates these disciplines through quantification says Gawde, by “measuring value, risk, and compliance”. He adds that this comprehensive approach ensures that businesses can manage risk at acceptable levels while delivering value and maintaining compliance. He adds, “Our conversational AI allows executives to interact with AI through natural language queries, making it accessible and practical. This ensures they have the latest technology to identify and manage risks.”

“By educating business leaders on these issues, Optimas AI transforms what might traditionally be seen as a technology or cybersecurity problem into a broader business challenge that requires top-down understanding and intervention.”

Addressing privacy challenges

Privacy remains a significant concern in the digital age especially for businesses managing and dealing in data. Gawde says Optimas AI addresses this by ensuring data ownership remains with the customer through an on-premise platform. He explains, “This design choice eliminates the handling of personally identifiable information (PII), personal health information (PHI), and sensitive personal information (SPI), focusing instead on metadata related to cybersecurity and exposure.”

“This strategy mitigates privacy risks and aligns with robust privacy standards.”

Adapting to evolving risk management

Risk management is undergoing a transformation from human-led processes to machine-led solutions emphasises Gawde. “The sheer volume of data and the complexity of modern risks make it impractical for humans to manage alone which is where Optimas AI’s approach leverages machine augmentation to handle the heavy lifting, with humans providing augmented intelligence to continuously improve the system’s performance.”

“This evolution allows businesses to stay on top of both known and unknown risks, adapting to the rapidly changing landscape of risk management.”

Furthermore, he elaborates that Optimas AI’s focus on organisational risk and digital assets rather than individual end-customer data has allowed it to maintain a robust business model while adhering to high privacy standards. This focus ensures that the company’s core operations remain unaffected by privacy challenges, allowing it to deliver effective risk management solutions to its clients.

Optimas AI’s approach to democratising AI, he explains by integrating governance and quantification, addressing privacy challenges, and evolving risk management strategies positions it as a leader in helping businesses navigate the complexities of the digital age.

As AI continues to play a crucial role in business strategy, Optimas AI ensures that organisations can harness its full potential while remaining compliant, secure, and resilient.

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