CAFU moves to free delivery in the UAE, offers fuel at petrol station prices
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CAFU moves to free delivery in the UAE, offers fuel at petrol station prices

CAFU moves to free delivery in the UAE, offers fuel at petrol station prices

Free delivery will be a permanent feature of CAFU’s business model within the country, as the move aims to save customers money and time

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The regions first on-demand fuel delivery service CAFU, has removed its delivery fees for customers within the UAE, to support citizens and residents as they navigate the challenges of the current global health crisis.

The Dubai-born company has said that in doing so, customers can now save on time and money by having petrol or diesel delivered at their location and convenience, at the same price as a petrol station and without having to drive to, or wait in line at one.

The company, which began operations in 2018 and reimagined the vehicle refueling model using the latest AI technology, has confirmed that this decision to remove its delivery fee will be a permanent feature of its business model within the country, and reassures that the move comes with no catch or hidden charges.

To use the service, one simply needs to download the CAFU app and enter their vehicle details including their car model, registration, and payment details.

Moreover, customers can enjoy a contactless fuel delivery process, by pinpointing the location of their car and ensuring they leave their fuel tank door open, so that the CAFU team can refuel their vehicle without the need for them to be physically present.

Founded locally by Rashid Al Ghurair, CAFU considers itself a key part of the community and has been actively involved in measures to support the UAE community in dealing with the impact of the Covid-19 coronavirus. In April this year, CAFU collaborated with Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to offer free fuel to 640 frontline workers combatting the virus, while the month prior to that, they refueled all ambulances operated by the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS) for free, over a period of two weeks.

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CAFU has since launched CAFU CARES, a dedicated section on the company’s website offering guidance for car owners, drivers and passengers to make informed decisions about vehicle safety during the pandemic.

The contactless refuelling service is available to customers 24×7 in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Umm Al Quwain, and customers in Dubai can now book a SuperShine interior and exterior carwash as well, for Dhs55.

More details about the CAFU service can be found here

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