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Aviv Clinics Dubai: An investment in your brain health

Aviv Clinics Dubai: An investment in your brain health

The Aviv Clinics medical evaluation programme has opened a new frontier in medicine, enhancing brain and physical performance, and boosting the reversal of the biology of ageing

Aviv Clinics

Aviv Clinics Dubai, a DP World subsidiary and the largest medical hyperbaric oxygen therapy facility in the world, have announced their revolutionary Executive Health and Performance Check-up redefining how executives and business leaders perceive their cognitive and physical wellbeing.

Unlike standard annual executive health checks, Aviv evaluates various aspects of brain function using advanced brain imaging and a battery of neurocognitive tests. This comprehensive assessment empowers senior executives and leaders with their health and performance data.

A two-day deep dive

On day one, a dedicated team of experts will conduct a variety of medical examinations, including extensive blood tests, physician-led physical tests, vital signs, electrocardiogram (ECG), spirometry and cardiopulmonary exercise tests to measure lung function.

Advanced brain imaging technology captures detailed high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), providing a comprehensive view of cerebral structure while detecting subtle indicators of age-related degeneration.

Meanwhile, intensive computer-based cognitive testing will be conducted by a specialised neuropsychologist along with a thorough interview to assess cognitive functions, including memory, attention, information processing speed and more.

This evaluation is additionally complemented by a detailed nutritional assessment and a precise body composition analysis, ensuring alignment between dietary habits and performance goals.

Subsequently, on the second day, specialist consultations and personalised recommendations are shared with insights into cognitive and physical abilities, areas for improvement and potential signs of age-related decline.

An investment in your brain health

As the clinics’ experts say: “Envision the assurance that accompanies you as you walk into important meetings – armed with the knowledge that your mind is sharp, your body is at its best, and your health is driving your success.”

To sum it up, Aviv Clinics Dubai’s Executive Health and Performance Check-up isn’t just an annual health check-up; it’s an investment in your success and your future health.

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