AVIV Clinics – enhancing the mind-body connection
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Aviv Clinics: Enhancing the brain-mind-body connection

Aviv Clinics: Enhancing the brain-mind-body connection

Dubai-based Aviv Clinics is being recognised for its revolutionary programme, which enhances brain regeneration and physical health, using an integrated approach and hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Prof. Shai Efrati AVIV Clinics ANS

Age has its privilege, as it brings wisdom and experience. However, it also brings about biological changes in all parts of the body, including the brain. Parts of the brain become less efficient, and these are often critical to learning and other complex mental activities. Communication between the brain’s neurons may also be affected and blood flow to the brain decreases.

These changes in the brain can cause a decline in mental function, even in healthy older people. To add to this, lifestyle and environmental factors can also compound cognitive decline, leading to diseases such as dementia, which over time impedes memory and thinking skills, and ultimately, the ability to perform even the simplest tasks.

However, a combination of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and complementary treatments could alleviate these symptoms. Dubai-based AVIV Clinics, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DP World, has been gaining prominence for its revolutionary programme, which aims at enhancing brain and body performance and reversing the biology of ageing using these principles.

Driving this programme is Dr Shai Efrati, co-founder and chair of Aviv’s Medical Advisory Board. He is the founder and director of the renowned Sagol Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Research at Shamir Medical Centre in Israel, where he also serves as director of research and development and head of nephrology. Dr Efrati is also a professor at the Sackler School of Medicine and the Sagol School of Neuroscience at Israel’s Tel Aviv University.

His research focuses on the unique aspects of hyperbaric medicine and brain rehabilitation.

The Aviv protocol, which has HBOT at its foundation, is considered safe for treating many diseases and is known to trigger the repair of damaged brain tissue and regeneration of blood vessels and nerve cells in the brain.

Dr Efrati and his team of scientists have spent over a decade researching and developing the Aviv Protocol, with large-scale clinical trials and peer-reviewed publications establishing its benefits.

A study published about the protocol in the Aging journal showed that the therapy encouraged cerebral blood flow to improve in elderly patients by 16-23 per cent.

Dr Efrati explains: “We gain skills and knowledge throughout our lifetime, but as we get older the mind and body don’t function at the same levels they used when we were younger. But imagine if this could be reversed and we get sharper, more agile and productive, keeping disease at bay. We could utilise our experience, becoming elite human beings, who perform at their best and most optimal levels for longer – in business, sport and anything we want to pursue, regardless of age. We have spent decades researching and developing a holistic and integrated programme that does that, and we are proud to offer it in Dubai, which is emerging as one of the world’s top healthcare hubs.”

The programme specifically helps adults aged 50 and above to boost their cognitive and physical performance, offering them a better quality of life.

Dr Efrati adds: “Our three-month, multidisciplinary medical programme can reverse some of the effects of ageing by triggering the body’s natural process of regeneration. It helps you regain and enhance cognitive functions and physical vitality.”

The programme uses a unique combination of HBOT, physical and cognitive training plans, and nutritional coaching, which are customised to an individual’s biology.

HBOT involves having patients sit in a special chamber where the atmospheric pressure is much higher than normal, breathing 100 per cent oxygen. The patients also undergo a series of cognitive training to boost brain function.

The clinic has several departments that work in tandem during the programme to enhance the results of HBOT. These include the Neurocognitive Wing for cognitive evaluation and training, Physiological Wing for physiological assessment and therapy, and the Biological Imaging Wing, which offers MRI protocols, genome mapping and a cellular lab.

Physical training in progress at Aviv Clinics

The comprehensive programme also involves a team of highly trained healthcare professionals catering to the patients’ unique needs. For instance, the clinic’s licenced nutritional coaches specialise in using “food as medicine”, creating a personalised food plan that’s designed to give the brain and body the nutrients and energy it needs for rejuvenation.

Individuals also experience a unique cognitive training regime while simultaneously undergoing physical activity on the advanced h/p/ cosmos medical treadmill.

This training, overseen by fitness professionals and physiotherapists, helps build energy and stamina, reduce pain, and improve fitness, strength, coordination and balance.

The healthcare team carefully monitors a patient’s progress carefully throughout, fine-tuning the treatment plan to maximise results, and is also involved in the follow-up post the programme.

The level of care compounded by the benefits of the treatment has been appreciated by patients who’ve seen amazing results, including industry leaders such as Yogesh Mehta, the CEO of Petrochem. He says: “This programme was life-changing especially after the impact of Covid-19 pandemic. It reinvigorated me and has been instrumental in an overall improvement in all areas of my health. I feel incredible, and full of energy and very focused – it’s been truly miraculous. My wife has also gone through the programme and gained immense benefits. The doctors and staff at Aviv are great. The highly experienced healthcare professionals gave us their undivided attention and talked us through everything, from the eating plan to the physical and cognitive training, and after care regimen. We’ve even signed up our senior executives to participate in the programme because it really enhances cognitive functions and vitality, and can enhance how you work and perform, taking it to an optimal level.”

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