Arista Properties' Emma Brain talks luxury real estate and being a woman in the built sector: IWD 2024 special
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Arista Properties’ Emma Brain talks luxury real estate and being a woman in the built sector: IWD 2024 special

Arista Properties’ Emma Brain talks luxury real estate and being a woman in the built sector: IWD 2024 special

The Arista Properties executive highlights the growing role of women in shaping the future of real estate in the region.

Marisha Singh

Real estate developer Arista Properties recently revealed details about their inaugural project, Wadi Villas, set to redefine luxury living in Dubai. In an exclusive interview with Gulf Business, Emma Brain, Head of Media Relations, Arista Properties, discussed the company’s ambitious venture into Dubai’s thriving real estate market and shared insights into the unique perspective women bring to the sector.

She explained – Wadi Villas, located in the prestigious Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City District 11 at Meydan, aims to address the growing demand for high-end properties among discerning buyers. With a focus on spacious living and privacy, the project offers a collection of 30 villas surrounded by lush green corridors and a rainforest boardwalk, designed by globally renowned architects.

Brain highlighted the strategic choice of MBR City for its promising growth opportunities and connectivity within Dubai. She emphasised Arista’s commitment to delivering unparalleled quality, setting them apart in a competitive market dominated by luxury apartments.

In discussing her journey as a woman in the real estate sector, she underscored the evolving landscape of opportunities for women, noting the increasing representation of females in various roles within the industry.

Q. Let’s talk about Arista Properties in Dubai. Could you tell us about Arista Properties and its debut project in Dubai?

Absolutely. Arista Properties is entering the Dubai luxury market with their debut project, Wadi Villas, filling a gap in the market for high-end properties. Dubai’s luxury market has seen significant growth, especially among high net worth individuals.

According to Henley Global Index, Dubai has outperformed other cities in terms of capital value growth, with a 75 per cent increase in transactions over Dhs10m in 2022. Wadi Villas will be located at Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City District 11 in Meydan, offering a prestigious address connected to the city’s amenities while providing privacy and seclusion.

Q. Why did Arista choose MBR City for its project?

MBR City, particularly District 11, offers promising growth opportunities and connectivity within Dubai. Despite being perceived as slightly removed from the city center, it’s well-connected and provides privacy. The enclave of 30 villas, ranging from four to six bedrooms, valued at over Dhs500m, offers a unique living experience with lush green corridors and a rainforest boardwalk.

Q. How does Arista differentiate itself in the competitive luxury market?

While Dubai’s luxury market is competitive, Arista focuses on offering high-end villas, catering to the demand for spacious living, especially post-COVID. Unlike other luxury properties like Valkyrie or Cavalli, which often consist of apartments, Wadi Villas provides unique architectural designs, emphasizing privacy and connectivity. The ergonomic design by globally recognised architects sets it apart.

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Q. When can buyers expect the handover of these projects and future developments?

The projected handover for Wadi Villas is towards the end of 2026. While there are eventual plans for expansion, Wadi Villas marks Arista’s inaugural project, and future developments remain undisclosed.

Q. What trends do you observe in Dubai’s real estate market, and why did Arista choose this city?

Dubai remains attractive to high net worth individuals, with a competitive yet growing real estate market. The city’s appeal, coupled with investment opportunities like golden visas, makes it an ideal location for luxury developments like Wadi Villas.

Q. What challenges do new developers face in Dubai?

Competition and maintaining quality standards are significant challenges. High-quality developments with reputable partnerships stand out amidst the competition.

Q. As a woman in the real estate sector, could you share your journey?

The real estate industry is something that’s growing in this space for everybody. It’s a very interesting area to be in particularly now, and it has been growing. And you do see more female agents, female-led brokers coming up, female investors coming up. So why not? There’s room for everybody.

This is a sector that I’m very, very excited about, and I’m very, very excited to be in it and to be carving my own way in it.

Q. What would you recommend for other women interested in getting into the real estate sector?

It’s very competitive. Anything real estate is competitive. When we look at agencies, there’s something like 14,000 agents in Dubai alone, right? But also, women, look at how they have a more aesthetic view to projects and what they’re dealing with.

And I will talk a little bit about this. I think women look at more about the amenities, whether accessible, whether it’s set up properly, whether it’s ergonomic for them, some things that maybe men might not think about so much. And I think a woman is always looking to see if it’s a home versus a house versus an investment. There’s very, very astute female investors these days.

Women are making up a big chunk of the investment markets on properties. They are quite conscious of the use of the property – is it an investment for them to rent out? Is it something that they want to be their home, their family home? Is it going to be the legacy for the family? Are they collecting a portfolio of properties? So women are really, really making a mark in the property market right now.

Q. Lastly, what advice do you have for potential buyers of Wadi Villas?

Secure your investment early as Wadi Villas offer a unique, sought-after living experience. With entry-level prices expected to appreciate significantly, it’s a valuable investment opportunity.

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