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Abu Dhabi reveals grace period of three weeks as new parking rules take effect

Abu Dhabi reveals grace period of three weeks as new parking rules take effect

Under the new scheme, there will no longer be free parking anywhere in the capital

Motorists in Abu Dhabi will be given a grace period of three weeks before being fined for violations under the emirate’s new parking scheme.

The scheme begins on August 18, and officials said they will start issuing tickets about 21 days after the system is activated.

The buffer period is aimed to help motorists adjust to the new regulations.

Under the change, designed to improve traffic flow and stop illegal parking, motorists will need to purchase a ticket under the Mawaqif system to park anywhere in the capital.

Mawaqif was introduced in 2009 and paid parking has been present in most areas of the emirate for years.

Parking in Abu Dhabi is divided into residential and non residential areas, with the former restricted to tenants and property owners between 9pm and 8am.

Spaces are also divided into standard (black and turqouise colouring) and premium (white and turqouise) costing Dhs2 and Dhs3 per hour respectively.

With the implementation of paid parking across the city, new signs will be introduced to identify different parking tiers.

Residential permits are available for Dhs800 ($218) a year, with a second for the same location costing Dhs1,200 ($327). Reduced rates of Dhs400 and Dhs600 per year are available if two-year permits are acquired.

Emiratis living in villas are exempt from permit charges and those in apartments can apply for four free permits.

Khamis Al Dahmani, head of Mawaqif team at Abu Dhabi’s Department of Transport said: “The system will cover 42 new sectors across Abu Dhabi Island, containing more than 26,000 parking spots.”

However, he confirmed that there are no plans at present to expand the system to the areas of the emirate outside Abu Dhabi Island.

The department called upon all vehicle owners to apply for resident parking permits before the implementation date to avoid violations.

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