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Abu Dhabi cracks down on unregistered cars via toll gates

Abu Dhabi cracks down on unregistered cars via toll gates

The gates are being used to track unregistered vehicles before a road toll system is introduced

Abu Dhabi is using a series of unactivated new toll gates on its roads to issues fines of sometimes thousands of dirhams to motorists with expired vehicle registrations, according to reports.

The gates were introduced in areas including Sheikh Zayed Road and Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Highway earlier this year ahead of the introduction of a planned road toll system similar to Dubai’s Salik.

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However, few motorists are aware that they have already been activated to catch vehicles with expired registrations, according to The National.

A previous fine of Dhs10 ($2.72) per month after a vehicle’s annual registration expired has been increased to Dhs500 ($136) since April 15, the publication said.

In the first two weeks the system saw 18,640 vehicles impounded and many drivers are still being caught out.

One British expat told the publication he had to pay Dhs4,300 ($1,171) to make sure his car was not impounded and Dhs3,600 ($980) in fines are his registration expired in February.

This came in addition to 16 black points on his licence.

Another case saw a driver amass 16 black points and face a yearlong driving ban.

It is understood the offences are capped at one per week.

Drivers in the capital must pass an annual test to ensure their vehicle is roadworthy before it can be reregistered.


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