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Abu Dhabi Police arrest driver of truck involved in 44-vehicle pileup

Abu Dhabi Police arrest driver of truck involved in 44-vehicle pileup

The incident took place on Tuesday morning

A truck driver involved in a 44-vehicle pileup on Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Road has been arrested, Abu Police said on Thursday.

The incident occurred in an area of thick fog after Kizad Bridge at about 8:00am on Tuesday and resulted in injuries to 22 people.

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Video footage posted on social media showed the truck piling into several stationery vehicles that had already crashed.

An Abu Dhabi Police spokesperson said the arrest was because the driver did not comply with a ban on heavy vehicles during peak hours and failed to heed the adverse weather conditions.

Brigadier Ali Khalfan Al Dhahiri, director of the central operations sector, said the man also jeopardised the health hand safety of others, damaged property and drove recklessly.

In light of these violations he has been charged and will be put on trial. The identity or nationality of the driver was not disclosed

Abu Dhabi Police also warned drivers to exercise caution in foggy conditions, reduce their speed and leave a greater stopping distance between their vehicle and the one in front.

Heavy vehicles, including trucks and buses, are banned from major roads in Abu Dhabi from 6:30am to 9:00am and 3:00pm to 6:00pm


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