Abu Dhabi to introduce road tolls
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Abu Dhabi to introduce road tolls

Abu Dhabi to introduce road tolls

Neighbouring Dubai introduced its Salik road toll system in 2007


The UAE emirate of Abu Dhabi is reportedly set to follow neighbouring Dubai by introducing road tolls.

Arabic language newspaper Aletihad reports that the Department of Transport was given responsibility for determining road charges under a Law No 17 issued in 2017.

These suggestions will then be submitted to the General Secretariat of the Executive Council for approval.

After this phase is completed, the department will be responsible for collecting the toll fee from drivers but has yet to determine the exact method of doing so.

The roads where tolls will be introduced have also not been named.

Ambulances, vehicles of the armed forces and civil defence, public buses and motorcycles will be exempt from the tariff. Other exemptions are also possible under the law.

Drivers who cross a toll and fail to pay within a set period face a Dhs10,000 ($2,723) fine. The maximum fine for any one vehicle within the first year of committing the offence is Dhs25,000 ($6,807).

Those that attempt to avoid paying the fee by hiding their car number plates will also be penalised.

Dubai introduced its Salik road toll system in 2007 to ease traffic congestion on Sheikh Zayed Road. The charge for going through a Salik gate is Dhs4.

Reports in 2016 suggested the Federal Transport Authority was also considering plans to impose tolls on 800km of roads that connect the Northern Emirates to Dubai and Abu Dhabi but these have yet to materialise.

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