Abu Dhabi's Al Saada Street Bridge to have partial lane closure, speed limits
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Abu Dhabi: Partial lane closure, new speed limits on Al Saada Street Bridge

Abu Dhabi: Partial lane closure, new speed limits on Al Saada Street Bridge

Abu Dhabi’s Integrated Transport Centre has announced the partial lane closure and speed limits will remain in place until the end of the year

Marisha Singh
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The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) has issued a notification for motorists. The ITC has announced a partial closure of the Al Saada Street bridge along with imposing speed limits.

The Al Saada Street bridge will now have a speed limit of 80 kmph in both directions along with partial lane closure.

The notice of the street’s partial closure and new speed limits were posted on ITC’s Twitter account. The authorities stated that the new speed limit, aimed at promoting traffic safety, will be effective from June 23 and will be in place until December 2023.

The traffic authority has advised motorists to use alternate streets such as Umm Yafina Road, Sultan bin Zayed the First Street, Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed street to avoid congestion on Al Saada Street Bridge.

Recent speed limit changes

The speed limit on Abu Dhabi’s Sweihan Road — from Al Falah Bridge towards Abu Dhabi International Airport — was lowered to 120kmph from 140 140kmph from June 4.

In April, Abu Dhabi Police introduced a new minimum speed limit of 120km/h on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Road starting April 1 and from May 1 violators  are being fined Dhs400.

Recent street closures

The ITC has also announced road closure on Baniyas Street and Ard Al Jaw Street in Hilli – Al Ain from June 20 to July 4, 2023.

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