Abu Dhabi: Al Hosn app a 'must' for entry into the emirate
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Abu Dhabi: Al Hosn app a ‘must’ for entry into the emirate

Abu Dhabi: Al Hosn app a ‘must’ for entry into the emirate

Effective February 1, people will have to show Covid-19 negative test results via the Al Hosn app

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Abu Dhabi has urged all those keen to enter the emirate to activate the Al Hosn app.

Effective February 1, permission to enter the emirate will only be granted on the basis of Covid-19 test results reflected in the contact tracing Al Hosn app.

Previously, residents and visitors were allowed to enter the emirate by showing their negative Covid-19 test results via an SMS notification.

Abu Dhabi also updated the rules around the mandatory Covid-19 testing for citizens and residents entering the emirate from within the UAE.

Effective, February 1, the emirates will only allow entry into the emirate within 48 hours of receiving a negative PCR test result. Meanwhile, DPI test results undertaken to enter the emirate will have a validity of only 24 hours, instead of 48 hours under the previous rules.

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Abu Dhabi also recently updated its ‘green list’ of countries, from where those flying directly into the emirate are exempt from mandatory quarantine measures.

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