Zenatix launches in the UAE to offer IoT powered energy saving solutions
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Zenatix launches in the UAE to offer IoT powered energy saving solutions

Zenatix launches in the UAE to offer IoT powered energy saving solutions

The company aims to target the growing billion-dollar small and mid-sized building automation market in the UAE

Divsha Bhat

Zenatix (part of the Hero Group), which enables small and mid-sized buildings to drive energy efficiency, has announced its expansion in the UAE and the Middle East to offer organisations a cloud-based energy and asset management solution.

According to the company, small and mid-sized infrastructures, especially having multiple sites, lack automation and thus face energy inefficiency and equipment maintenance challenges. Commercial buildings in sectors such as hospitality, restaurants, retail, supermarkets, warehouses, and others can benefit from its internet of things (IoT)-powered automated solution, which can help them reduce energy consumption, alert them on any anomalies, improve operational compliance, and facilitate remote asset management.

“While the large buildings market is served by traditional building management systems, automation in small and mid-sized buildings is a global gap. Zenatix’ IoT powered solution is affordable, wireless, scalable and enables easy deployment by partners and system integrators. Customers get a centralised visibility into their distributed operations and are able to save 10-20 per cent energy while reducing breakdowns through Zenatix’ AI powered predictive maintenance features,” said Rahul Bhalla, CEO and co-founder at Zenatix.

“We are extremely happy to launch this solution in the UAE and the Middle East where there is increased focus on energy management and sustainability, driven both by the government and corporations.”

Meanwhile, the company’s solutions are in use at over 2,500 locations, with over 50k connected assets producing over 200 million data points every day. Customers will get up to a 20 per cent cost savings from energy and personnel reductions, a 25 per cent increase in comfort and food safety compliance, and a 30 per cent decrease in asset breakdowns.

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