You can now detect over 70 types of cancer with one blood test
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You can now detect over 70 types of cancer with one blood test

You can now detect over 70 types of cancer with one blood test

LifeGen partners with Datar Genetics to diagnose late cancer through the use of Trucheck blood test

Zubina Ahmed
You can now detect over 70 types of cancer with one blood test

Lifegen, a UAE-based company providing cancer detection and management solutions, partners with Datar Cancer Genetics to enable access to Trucheck.

Trucheck is a highly accurate blood-based multi-cancer screening test which can potentially be the solution to the massive problem of late diagnosis of cancer in the region. The progressive CE-marked test provides early diagnosis of over 70 types of cancer and is able to test with 96 per cent accuracy and 99 per cent specificity.

Infact, Trucheck can be combined with existing annual health check-up programs across healthcare groups, corporates and insurances. Private hospitals across Abu Dhabi and Dubai will be the first to offer the test to patients.

According to the World Health Organisation, long-term projections show that by 2030 there would be a 1.8-fold increase in cancer incidences. The partnership between LifeGen and Datar Cancer Genetics represents a pivotal step towards early cancer detection, beyond the current screening age invitation, allowing individuals the reassurance with one single sample of blood.

Generally, the traditional methods for cancer screening are intrusive, inconvenient and can be painful. It involves potential exposure to radiation followed by a nerve-wracking wait until results are collected. While, Trucheck’s test screens over 70 different types of cancers in an individual using a single blood sample, collecting 15-20ml of blood to detect the presence of CTC (Circulating Tumor Cells). This helps in early-stage diagnosis and provides results to patients as quick as 10-12 days.

Individuals have the option to take the multi-cancer test or a cancer-specific test which includes single options such as prostate, breast, bowel or even a group of cancers found more actively in diabetic patients. Datar’s tests for early detection of breast and prostate cancer have been granted ‘Breakthrough Designation’ by the US FDA.

Trucheck’s accuracy, sensitivity and specificity are confirmed by testing over 50,000 individuals who synchronously screened for cancer, using conventional screening modalities, such as X-ray, CT scan or colonoscopy.

Dr. Ramin Ajami, founder of LifeGen said, “We have launched LifeGen in the region with the aim of providing the opportunity to spot early-stage tumors and tackle any issues at the earliest stage possible in order to bypass significant problems that may occur in someone’s future. With the use of the world-leading science behind Trucheck blood tests, we are able to detect tumors at a very early stage where there are significantly more effective solutions and reduced stresses for the individuals.”

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