The World’s Worst Passports For Travel in 2015
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The World’s Worst Passports For Travel in 2015

The World’s Worst Passports For Travel in 2015

Which citizens face maximum visa restrictions and have the fewest travel options?


For many people your passport is a ticket to the world.

Yet for many others, it is be a burden that restricts and even bans you from dozens of countries across the globe.

According to the latest annual Visa Restrictions Index report by Henley & Partners, citizens of the UK and Germany have the most freedoms to travel the world, while the United Arab Emirates has become the most “powerful” among Middle Eastern countries.

But citizens of the following 10 countries may never even see past the red tape of Border Control.

1. Afghanistan
Rank: 109
Score (countries and territories citizens can visit without a visa): 25

2. Iraq
Rank: 108
Score: 29

3. Somalia
Rank: 107
Score: 30

4. Pakistan
Rank: 106
Score: 31

5. Syria

Rank: 105
Score: 33

6. Eritrea, Nepal, Palestinian Territory
Rank: 104
Score: 34

7. Ethiopia, South Sudan, Sudan
Rank: 103
Score: 35

8. Kosovo
Rank: 102
Score: 36

9. Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya
Rank: 101
Score: 37

10. Sri Lanka
Rank: 100
Score: 38


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