Women launch civil case following Twitter comments insulting Emiratis

Nearly 30 UAE nationals have reportedly come together for the lawsuit

Women launch civil case following Twitter comments insulting Emiratis

A group of women will reportedly take legal action against a social media user who posted disrespectful comments against Emiratis.

A total of 28 UAE nationals have come together to file a lawsuit against the Twitter user, believed to be Moroccan woman living in the UAE, known only by her handle @maghrbia123, according to local daily 7 Days.

Dr Yousef Al Sharif, the group’s lawyer, plans to file a civil lawsuit in Dubai alleging defamation, which can result in substantial fines if proven, the report said.

According to 7 Days, the Twitter user wrote: “All Emirati women are spinsters, needy, self-centred and widowed. The others are divorced. I feel pity for them! Emirati men love and lust after Moroccan ladies as they get us maids, jewellery and give us lots of money.”

Those backing the action include Emirati author Mona Mattar who told the publication: “I agree with Al Sharif, and this abusive woman should be sued for insulting all Emirati women. She does not just insult UAE women only but also our leaders and men and UAE laws.”

Earlier this year a man who insulted the UAE on Facebook was sentenced to three years in prison and a Dhs 50,000 fine.

The case followed the jailing of an Australian woman in Abu Dhabi last year after she posted a picture of a car parked across two disabled bays on Facebook.

The car’s owner lodged a complaint with Abu Dhabi Police and the case went to court, eventually resulting in her deportation.

People found guilty of breaching the country’s Cybercrime Law, criminalising all forms of electronic abuse, face imprisonment or a fine varying between Dhs 50,000 and Dhs 3m.