Why You Need To Be An Authentic Brand
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Why You Need To Be An Authentic Brand

Why You Need To Be An Authentic Brand

Authenticity is more than history and heritage, writes Anthony Ryman, managing partner of grow, a brand consultancy in Qatar.

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People are looking for purpose and meaning in their lives and in their work. More people are looking for jobs that are ‘fulfilling’. How are companies supposed to respond?

There was a time when a job for life was enough. Now people are looking for jobs that resonate with their needs and aspirations.

Now more than any other time in history, the populace is empowered to go for what they truly believe in; what will make them happy!

For companies this means being authentic. It’s authentic identity that drives the brand.

Authenticity is more than history and heritage, it’s above all your purpose expressed through your actions and people’s experience of your actions.

• If your brand is useful and relevant – that’s good.
• If your brand can inspire – that’s great.
• If your brand is responsible and actively contributing to the greater good, then that’s amazing!

Amazing brands are what people really go for. They’re increasingly concerned with how and where your product is made. Is it sustainable or environmentally aware, in terms of carbon footprint, packaging or recycling? Does it have a story that they can appreciate and engage with?

How do you manage an authentic brand through your actions?

Authenticity is built through:

Community: Who are we? How do we fit in? Do we have integrity?
What is the offer and how is it expressed?

Offer: What is the business idea? Product and service?
Are we entrepreneurs, innovators, creators?

Capability: How do we operate and engage with people?
What is our presence, our structure, our brand architecture?

Leadership: The importance of focusing on people with a vision and culture that
inspires and motivates through leadership based on values that are believable and honest.

Aligning companies with audiences through their values agenda builds long-term relationships with permanent and meaningful dialogue. It’s not enough just to tell your story. Now you have to empower other people to tell your story for you.

There’s so much noise out there. You need a really strong signal to resonate above the normal.

You need a really clear brand.


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