Why the Royal Lifestyle Corp is expanding into the UAE Why the Royal Lifestyle Corp is expanding into the UAE
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Why the Royal Lifestyle Corp is expanding into the UAE

Why the Royal Lifestyle Corp is expanding into the UAE

From golf clubs to perfume to movie production, the Royal Lifestyle Corp’s president Jack Charles tells Bill Welder why he’s bringing his multifaceted company to the UAE


You have a rich career history that includes engineering, golfing and acting. How did this path prepare you to form The Royal Lifestyle Corp?
I went to college and played golf, ran on the track team, and studied engineering and drama. I also acted in several stage plays while in college and had fun creating characters different from myself. I was interested how things were made, so after college I worked in engineering for four years and loved it. While working as an engineer, I played golf before and after work and on the weekends. This helped keep my body and golf game in very good shape.

Eventually, I got tired of working indoors all the time and decided to try professional golf. This was fun, but ‘living out of a suitcase’ just wasn’t for me, so I decided to try and become an actor, writer and producer. So I went to Hollywood to see what would happen.

Because of my acting and golfing abilities, I wrote and hosted several TV commercials for various auto companies, and got invited to play golf as a celebrity in charity golf tournaments all over the US.

Among your many business ventures, you have designed and launched a range of golf clubs. What makes your clubs different to those already in the market?

I remembered from my engineering days that energy is magnified as it comes out through the surface of the ball bearing – like hitting a nail with a hammer.
I named this line of clubs after a movie I wrote called John Jumano, and named the driver in this line of clubs JC1 – The Only One. This club is quickly gaining a reputation of being one of the world’s longest hitting golf clubs.

What are your future ambitions for The Royal Lifestyle Corp? What is your growth strategy for the coming months and years?

With our promotional abilities, we expect both, our brands and products, to be in high demand worldwide, within a year or two. My wife, the Roman countess Donatella Pecci-Blunt, has developed a superb perfume fragrance called ‘Contessa’ which we expect will become a sought-after top-seller worldwide. TV commercials and online social media campaign materials are already produced and ready to be launched in Europe, Asia and the United States.

I would like very much to see The Royal Lifestyle become a a household name and a super profitable company. We have no debts and all our products have been developed and tested to make sure that people will love them.

Furthermore, we currently have several movies in the pipeline ready to go into production, alongside tested golf clubs and perfume marketing ad campaigns ready to be rolled out on TV and social media.

With all the major work done, and marketing campaigns ready to go, I am keen to speak with potential partners and investors that can help take the Royal Lifestyle brand to the next level.

For more details, you can contact Royal Lifestyle on +33 680860281 or check out their website here 

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